P90X vs. Insanity, who will be the winner?

Hey Healthy People!

So a lot of people have asked me about the pros and cons of P90x and Insanity and which to invest in…so I decided to make another video. So I hope you missed my face!!! Back again after another sweaty session…looking hawt.


I hope this helps a bit!!! I like incorporating the different workouts into my everyday routines to switch it up a bit and work on that muscle confusion which is the basis for both of these programs. The fact that you aren’t hitting your plateau, that’s what gets real results fast.


So good luck!!


Happy Exercising and Eating! Hope you’re keeping up with the 30min/day workout challenge!!!



Power Yoga Music Playlist and Asanas

Namaste healthy people!

In my power yoga class I incorporated some new music and new asanas that I wanted to share with you!

Three-Legged Dog

One of the poses I’m working on mastering in my own practice is an advanced variation to the three legged dog:

Power yoga is the “cardio” version of yoga and is for the intermediate yogi.  This class incorporates a few intermediate asanas (poses) and a lot of sun salutations.  The sun salutations work to keep your heart rate lifted throughout the class. Note: Scroll down to bottom of post if looking for the music playlist!!!

My Class:

Begin in Child’s Pose (Balasana)

Pranayama, introduce Ujjayi Breath, equalizer breath

Seated spinal twist


Down Dog to Plank, match breath

Three legged dog–> add twist–> advanced, come into roll over dog (inversion)

Repeat other side

Top half of sun salutation (Standing mountain, inhaling arms up slight back bend, swan diving down, fwd fold, inhaling to monkey, exhaling fwd fold, inhaling reverse swan dive slight back bend, end chair–add balance by chair on balls of feet arms extended high) –repeat

Bottom Half, Modified Half Series to begin: Modified plank, Crocodile down into Chataranga, inhaling low cobra, exhaling childs pose

Full series: full plank, exhaling crocodile down into chartaranga, inhaling as you flip toes around push up into up dog, exhaling down dog

Connect top and bottom a few more times.

Mountain two

Warrior 1 right side, warrior 2–> cart wheel hands down into 3 bottom half sun salutations

Warrior 1 right side, warrior 2, victorious warrior –> cart wheel down same thing

Warrior 2 right side, victorious warrior, triangle, revolved triangle which looks like :

Before moving to left warriors, complete sunflowers to build heat back into the legs.

Repeat this on the left side.


Begin in tree on either side, hold for a number of breaths and then without touching the ground transition into dancer! (repeat both sides)

Mountain Three:

Full Plank

Pigeon Pose R and L sides

Thread the needle through the loop (childs pose, send R arm through opening left arm to ground, repeat other side shoulder stretch)

Frog Pose


Staff Pose

Spinal Twist

Dead Bug

Happy Baby

Lying spinal twist

Savasana: Final Relaxation


You can look up the names of these poses on google if you have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about. This was more-so for an instructor point of view to see how I form my class, which I never prepare for anymore–I like to feel out the participants and if they are new or returnees and go from there.  If they are new I take more time to educate them on the pose, what muscles they should feel working or areas of the body that should be stretching at that point.  Experienced yogis it’s fun to take it up a notch and add some inversions, binds and twists. Remember hands on corrections are CRUCIAL!


THE PLAYLIST!!!!!!!! (Probably what you really cared about in this post…)

Sigh No More by Mumford & Sons

Eyes by Rogue Wave Eyes

Come Away to the Water (feat. Rozzi Crane) by Maroon 5 (The Hunger Games Soundtrack–is amazing!)

Dead Hearts by Stars

Drive by Incubus

Angel by Jack Johnson

Sideways by Citizen Cope

Girlfriend by Phoenix

To Build a Home (Edit) by The Cinematic Orchestra

Take Another Little Piece of me by Janis Joplin

The General by Dispatch

Tears In Heaven by Eric Clapton

Hope for the Hopeless by A Fine Frenzy

Making Memories Of Us by Keith Urban

Lullabye (Goodnight, My Angel) by Billy Joel

The Chain by Ingrid Michaelson

 The Fear You Won’t Fall by Joshua Radin




I hope everyone has a wonderful day today! You are keeping up with the fitness challenge of at least 30 min working out each day!

Happy eating and exercising!



My future husband.

I hope this is what my future husband is like.

Hope it made you laugh! That is manyyyy many years away though, a girl can dream though lol (Still single and mingling…)

Anyways I just wanted to catch your attention and give you a fitness challenge to add to your usual workout routine:


Plyometric Fitness Workout:

1.) Begin with a 20 minute run on the treadmill or outside. Then without stopping go right into the set.

2.) Here’s the set you do this for time so as many as you possibly can– we’re gonna do it for 2 minutes each set with 30 sec water break in between.

Set One:

5 Burpees

Plank -> Ski Plank (in plank position send your legs to right side and to left) 8 times

4 Jack Push ups (legs go out as you lower your chest to the ground in a push up)

4 mountain climbers (by 4 I really mean 8 so count your R knee coming up to chest 4 times)

REPEAT AS MANY TIMES AS YOU CAN FOR TWO MINUTES (set a timer, watch the clock, have someone yelling at you with a whistle…etc)

Set Two:

5 Power Squats (Squat, jump in the air)

10 forward jump kicks (switch kicks, kick, jump, switch legs kick)

5 tuck jumps (literally jump as high as you can and tuck your knees into chest)

10 push ups

REPEAT AS MANY TIMES AS YOU CAN FOR TWO MINUTES (like before)… then a 30 second water break.

Go ahead and repeat both sets one and two, 2 more times. Doing as many reps as possible for the allotted two minutes. 

So you should total about 12 minutes of plyometric work.

THEN–> hop back into a 10-15 minute run/jog (SERIOUSLY.) Allow the last 5 minutes to be a cool down, and don’t forget to stretch!

>>>>>>>>>>>WHAT to remember with plyo? 1.) LAND SOFTLY, otherwise your joints will hate you, so bend your knees try to be as quiet as possible. 2.) CORE ENGAGED, tighten those abdominals the entire time. 3.) On planks and push ups keep gaze down. 4.) If you’re feeling way too light headed take a breather BUT never stop moving your feet!!!



Happy eating and exercising!



P.S. Shout out to my friend Clayton who is up in Indiana for his NFL Combine tryout tomorrow. You’re gonna kill the 40 Clay! Props to all the Athletic Edge athletes who have worked so hard and have been killin’ it in the NFL Combine!

Why not Wednesday?? No mo’ Excuses!

“Why not Wednesday?” Here’s a bit of motivating quotes and images.  If you are someone who can think of excuses to not workout or be healthy, think again! Aim for a start of just 30 minutes a day 4-6 days a week…then increase by 5 minutes each week.  Maybe make it a goal of having 30-40 minutes of cardio and 20-30 minutes of strength work each workout.

Today try this:


10 Minutes of Elliptical Work–On Resistance 10-12 and Height of 10-12 (work hard)

10 Minutes Run on Treadmill–Make this a hard run. Since you’re already warmed up go right into 6.0 mph to 7.5 mph depending on how you feel and run straight for 10 minutes.

10 Minutes Stairmaster–This will be a final challenge! Make sure you aren’t leaning on the handle bars, all the weight is in your legs and that you are at least at a level of 8!

Strength (Core):

Full or Modified Plank (30 Second), Side Plank (30 Sec), Full Plank (45 second), Side Plank (30 Second), Full Plank (1 Minute)

Lower Back Extensions (Belly on ground, hands by ears, feet glued to ground, tighten glutes and engage abdominals…raise chest off ground (not too far) and go slow working against gravity (up for two down for two)

50 Crunches to end!

(repeat 3 times)






Workout Wednesday is here!!! Get your fitness on!

Happy eating and exercising,



Correcting Sun Salutation in Yoga

This video is meant to be helpful for both participants and instructors. These are just a few of the mistakes with form I notice when I teach…

More videos to come!!!


Have you worked out 30 minutes at least each day so far this week? Keep up with the Fitness Challenge!!!


Happy exercising and eating!



Super size me?

Okay I’m going to begin this by stating a brief warning. This post is going to be essentially a venting session about some things that have been circulating in my thoughts lately. What has our society come to?

First of all, these reality shows that display the lives of individuals similar to the one above are gaining more and more popularity.  Viewers are enjoying watching the lives of these morbidly obese people…but who is stopping to ask how does this make us look as a society?

Shows like man vs food for instance prides himself on the challenge of consuming extreme portion sizes, spiciness etc for the attraction of viewers and increase in ratings.  While many societies especially in the west are struggling with obesity, the harsh reality according to the United Nations, is that one in seven people of the world are going to bed hungry each night. You can count that most of America however is not.

Granted of course we cannot be naive. We too are also suffering with many issues and even here people  are struggling with hunger.  But obesity is at an all time high and more importantly in my opinion, childhood obesity.  Our children our growing up in an environment where instantaneous technology poses a fast tracked lifestyle.  Fast food “restaurants” are located at every turn it seems.  Let’s be real.  Restaurants are in the business to make money.  Tasty, salty, sweet, calorie dense food is what sells. Even items that you may think are healthy and are advertised as such can be extremely unhealthy. Take IHOP for example, the Country Omelette along with a suggested side dish of Harvest Grain and Nut Pancakes, for example, contains 1,840 calories which is almost a day’s requirement, with over half of these coming from the 119g of fat. (Source: http://www.ihop-menu.com/ihop-nutritionalinformation.html)

Also, our education on health, knowledge of nutrition and motivation for physical activity is declining with the increase of video games and technological innovations….who plays outside these days?

We must counter this norm. Shows like “Biggest Loser” bring awareness to the obesity epidemic, but is it enough? Portion sizes are out of control. Foods are becoming more genetically modified to increase quantitative demand. Fast and more is valued over quality and health. If we can make changes now we can prevent cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cancers and other infections in the future.

How can you help? Be the change. Be a motivator for your friends and family. Of course if you fluke at some point and enjoy a cheeseburger from your favorite diner you aren’t going to die. But we must make these changes and allow them to become part of who we are. Become someone who challenges the norm, promotes a healthy lifestyle and educates themselves about nutritious choices.


When we’re young we think nothing we do now really matter on our bodies in the long run. We are invincible. The truth is, every bite we take and exercise we do counts towards the future. Will you be able to fight off diseases plagued by age? Do you want to live passed 100 and your friends to be there with you? Prevent cancers, diseases and osteoporosis?

I know I want to be healthy for the duration of my life. Not just in the beginning. I also want to be a mentor for my future children and have them be the change of their generation.


Start now.

…You won’t be sorry!

Thanks for reading my mini vent session. Happy eating and exercising!



P.S. Keep up with the fitness challenge of the week: 30 minutes of working out each day!! YOU CAN DO IT!



I’ve been on the hunt for new music lately. Sometimes you can have 4,000 songs in your library all of which you have heard 4,000 times it seems. (#firstworldproblems)?  So I have been trying to find music any place I can. I was sort of bored with the radio music because we are constantly hearing that in Spin classes, driving in the car and everywhere else. So an old friend said he would send me some new music…which I was pretty excited about since I enjoyed his music taste…

Once you purchase the songs…probably while you’re being distracted by this blog at the library do everything but this:



Here’s the list:

1.)  You’re Gonna Love Again by Nervo

2.) Calling (Lose my mind) by Sebastian Ingross and Alesso [Feat. Ryan Tedder]

3.) Epic by Sandro Silva and Quintino

4.) Loca People by Sak Noel

5.) Children by Jack Holiday & Mike Candys

6.) Tung by Denis Koyu

7.) Again and Again by Basto

8.) Can’t Stop Me Now by Afrojack and Shermanology

9.) Enough is Enough by Avicii

10.) You Just Don’t Love Me (Club mix) by David Morales and Jonathon Mendelsohn

And for a cool down I like:

1.) Climax by Usher

2.) Angel by Jack Johnson

3.) Shadow Days by John Mayer



Also, please refrain from dancing like this.



Happy exercising!



P.S. The fitness challenge of the week: 30 minutes of working out each day this week. Can you fit in 30? Just do it!

“It’s Tricky” Meat vs. Veganism…video #2

Hey Healthy People!

Okay. So I played around with the imovie applicaiton on my computer and added some cool effects to my next video blog about meat and veganism/vegetarianism.  This is just a stream of consciousness concerning a few of the ideas floating around my mind as I research and educate myself on diet and nutrition. I hope you enjoy it!

I hope you laughed at least once. The focus here is incorporating healthier choices into your everyday lifestyle. Try eating more veggies and fruits. You will feel remarkable!!!

Let this not be us:

BUT RATHER: Make healthy choices. You will feel great and it just might secretly influence others around you. “It’s Tricky” how that works 😉



FITNESS CHALLENGE OF THE WEEK: Workout for 30 min at least each business day of the week. Can YOU do it??? “Feel sore or feel sorry”!!!!

Juicing…and my first video? yikes.

Hey all! So I woke up today knowing I wanted to blog but not sure about what and if I would have the time. I ran into this gentleman at the grocery store who shared his story of juicing with me and I thought it was really inspirational…and I was so proud of him… that I decided to tell his story via video. But let me forewarn you…I am noooo media design girl. I have no knowledge of anything that has to do with editing or what not so this is rough.

I’m just talking into the computer trying to pretend someone is listening…

Don’t laugh? or do ! haha I don’t care but I do hope you get the message.


HAHA. Well…all I can say is that hopefully I get better at this video thing or this might be my first and last one.



What should you do?

Go to the website: FAT SICK and NEARLY DEAD CLICK HERE


Then go to Netflix or buy the documentary and watch it. IT WILL CHANGE YOUR OUTLOOK, believe me.  Maybe think about doing the 10-day challenge. I did it for five days during the summer and noticed a great change in my skin, my feelings etc. I incorporate juicing every now and then because it’s a quick jolt of nutrients that the body responds to quickly.


Good luck!

Happy juicing…xoxo



Just Keep Running…Just Keep Running…


Before I started running (post Cross Country Years) I had excuses too.

“I don’t have time”

“I’m not a runner”

“I can’t”

“I don’t need to”

“…haha that’s a funny joke…”

“It’s bad for my knees”

blah blah blah blah blah.

ANYTHING was an excuse:

Until one day I decided to give it a try again…

I started out slow…run/walking a couple miles about 3 -4 times per week. I tried to be on the treadmill a lot because I could monitor exactly how fast I was going, the time, and the pace.

I was determined to become a runner.

And so I did!

If you know me, you know I don’t like to take it easy on myself.  I had a goal in mind right away to train for a half marathon. So at the end of my freshman year I began training for the Shamrock Half Marathon in March of my Sophomore year. I had plenty of time.

But first of all.

…I had no clue what I was doing. Absolutely no idea. Granted I ran a half marathon with my Cross Country team in 8th grade…my coach was the one who knew the running plan, the shoes, the form etc etc. I just sort of ran back then without thinking about it.

But now, I was subject to my college independence. I was too nervous to join a running club because the thought of people who could run way better than me was intiimidating. I bought shoes because I liked the colors and the idea of “gel” in the bottom of my feet as a comfort mechanism seemed like the right choice. Little did I know shoes matter a lot and they don’t go by color or descriptive words.

In the fall I decided to actually go to a running store for some perspective. I was told I had actually the opposite shoes I needed. I pronate which means somehow I strike on the side on my foot (outside) and my ankles and knees roll in. Also I have an extremely low arch so I needed a stability shoe. Whatever that even means.

New shoes were EVERYTHING. They changed my mechanics and helped me with form. Who knew?

Since this Half Marathon I have ran 2 more and a number of other smaller races. Running changed my life and it can change yours.



If you are still coming up with excuses or injury concern I have attached an article from runner’s world about what to be aware of and keep in mind for injury prevention.

Happy Running,




Runner's WorldRunner's World
Injury Prevention: Staying Healthy

The Benefits of Running
The Benefits of Running

Running makes us well-oiled machines–ankles, knees, and hips included.

By Judi Ketteler
PUBLISHED 10/25/2007

Published 10/25/07

“What about your knees? how are your knees?” chances are, you’ve fielded those questions more than once. Not from physicians, exercise physiologists, or physical therapists but from nonrunning friends and family members who assume that pavement pounding wreaks havoc on our bodies and that we’ll all eventually need knee replacements and motorized scooters because of our arthritic joints.

Osteoarthritis (OA), the most common form of arthritis, occurs when cartilage, the spongy tissue that cushions our joints, breaks down and deteriorates, making weight-bearing activities painful. From there, many people believe that running accelerates this process. And while most of us credit our running for keeping our heart, lungs, and soul healthy and happy, a twinge in an ankle or stiffness in a knee makes us wonder if our nonrunning buddies are right and our joints are bearing an unreasonable burden.

The fact is if we run responsibly–wear supportive shoes and replace them when worn out, rehab injuries properly, incorporate cross-training and rest days into our schedules as needed–we’re no more susceptible to OA than the general population, say medical experts. Actually, it’s the doubters on the sidelines who could have a better chance of developing it.

Weighing In on Knee Pain

The number one risk factor for OA is excess body fat–a problem most runners don’t have. Sedentary, overweight people are 45 percent more likely to develop OA than those who are active. “The more you weigh, the more pressure is placed on the joints, which seems to accelerate the breakdown of cartilage,” says Patience White, M.D., chief public health officer for the Arthritis Foundation. Since losing weight is one of the best ways to prevent OA (losing 10 pounds can take about 45 pounds of pressure off the knee), and running is one of the most effective calorie burners, hopping on the treadmill for a tempo session could help you sidestep joint issues.

But running does more than just lighten the body’s load. “Aerobic exercise improves most body functions–including joint health,” says James Fries, M.D., professor of medicine at Stanford University School of Medicine. When you exercise, the cartilage in your hips, knees, and ankles compresses and expands. This draws in oxygen and flushes out waste products, nourishing and keeping the cartilage healthy. “Without exercise, cartilage cells get weak and sick,” he says.

Furthermore, running strengthens the ligaments that help support joints, making them more stable and less susceptible to sprains and strains, which can damage cartilage and eventually lead to OA.

In 2006, Dr. Fries presented research that compared rates of OA-related disabilities between 539 runners and 423 nonrunners over a 21-year period. At the follow-up exam, researchers found that the nonrunners were worse for wear–their increase in disabilities was twice that of the runners.

The runners in Dr. Fries’s study averaged about 60 minutes of running five days a week. But even higher-mileage runners don’t seem to risk bad knees. A 2006 study conducted at Germany’s University of Heidelberg looked at the incidence of OA among elite marathon runners. After comparing 20 former elite German marathoners with a control group of nonrunners of the same age, gender, and body mass index, the researchers found that the marathoners did not have a higher risk of OA of the knee.

When Injury Strikes

That said, while running itself doesn’t increase the risk of developing OA, running injuries can–especially when you delay treatment or rush recovery. Ankle sprains, in particular, have been linked to the development of OA. Almost half of those who twist or turn an ankle experience additional sprains or ongoing weakness and pain. This is typically because the original injury wasn’t well cared for and activity was resumed too quickly.

A 2005 study from the University of Basel in Switzerland found that 70 to 80 percent of patients with chronic ankle instability end up with arthritic ankles within 20 years. Doctors and physical therapists had always suspected this, but this was the first study to conclusively make the link between joint instability and arthritis, says Steven L. Haddad, M.D., associate professor of clinical orthopedic surgery at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine. “Arthritis can occur because of uneven mechanics of the joint,” Dr. Haddad says. “If your joint is shifted and it’s even one millimeter off, it increases the stresses placed on that joint by 42 percent. This incongruity of the surfaces leads to an erosion of cartilage.”

This can also occur with patellofemoral pain syndrome, a.k.a. “runner’s knee,” says Dr. White. If you neglect strengthening the muscles and ligaments that support the patella (kneecap), it can become misaligned, causing pain and eventually OA (see “Preventive Steps,” left, for strength-building exercises). “If the patella is tracking just a little bit off, it can rub the cartilage in an abnormal way and wear it down,” Dr. White says.

Luckily, all of this is avoidable. As Dr. White advises, “Don’t run through joint pain, stick to soft surfaces when possible, wear supportive running shoes, and include strengthening exercises in your routine.” Addressing joint issues sooner rather than later will not only help you avoid long-term damage, but it’ll also help you run circles around your nonrunning friends for years to come.