H to the O


Our bodies are comprised of mostly water. Conceptually I can barely wrap my mind around that but it reiterates what everyone has always said…drink more water. Now I’ll be honest I am a huge diet coke drinker. I know I know your face must look like this:



But after reading a lot of information about the fake sugars—sucralose, aspartame etc…I am definitely working on changing my ways.  (Future post about this soon!)


There are several studies that have proven the great effects of water…clearer skin, faster metabolism, hydration!, weigh-loss etc etc.
But there are those people out there that HATE water. I’m not sure how, it is the best thing to drink when you are in desperate need of something to quench the thirst. So there are many options:

1.) Squeeze some fresh lemon juice into it

2.) Soak a lime for a while in a vat of water allowing it to infuse into the water.

3.) Cucumber water! Always available at spas…there has to be something good about it…

4.) Raspberry water? ohh gettin’ fancy on meh!

5.) Frozen fruit ice cubes! How to: get an ice cube tray…add some kiwi, pieces of strawberry or raspberries and some water, freeze and pop into a glass of water for a great tasting drink! Perfect for summertime.

The goal should be to try to be creative, giving the taste buds some new flavors yet still getting the 8 recommended glasses a day!
How have you been with the fitness challenge of the week? Have you been parking as far away as possible each time you drive? Or are you still fighting for the first spot next to the grocery store.  Keep working at it!


xoxo CHEERS!



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