“It’s Tricky” Meat vs. Veganism…video #2

Hey Healthy People!

Okay. So I played around with the imovie applicaiton on my computer and added some cool effects to my next video blog about meat and veganism/vegetarianism.  This is just a stream of consciousness concerning a few of the ideas floating around my mind as I research and educate myself on diet and nutrition. I hope you enjoy it!

I hope you laughed at least once. The focus here is incorporating healthier choices into your everyday lifestyle. Try eating more veggies and fruits. You will feel remarkable!!!

Let this not be us:

BUT RATHER: Make healthy choices. You will feel great and it just might secretly influence others around you. “It’s Tricky” how that works 😉



FITNESS CHALLENGE OF THE WEEK: Workout for 30 min at least each business day of the week. Can YOU do it??? “Feel sore or feel sorry”!!!!


6 thoughts on ““It’s Tricky” Meat vs. Veganism…video #2

  1. Girl you ate seriously rocking these video posts! Totally awesome!!!

    I’ve been looking at diets too, and have just started studying the whole paeleo thing, some of it makes loads of sense but tins just seems like utter nonsense… I’ve been so inspired to understand more I’ve just started a uni course on paeleo biology to try to cut through the hype… Will let you know what o dig up if you want?

    Keep posting…LOVE your stuff!

    • Aww thanks so much!!! I try to make them interesting and I’m glad people enjoy them! The paleo diet was on my list of things to research because it’s starting to get more popular in the public. I would love to hear what you find out!! It definitely seems intriguing. There’s a book called the Kamikaze Cowboy I think that sort of deals with we should eat the foods where our ancestors are from so basically me being polish and German I should never eat something like a pineapple because they wouldn’t have been native to that land. Interesting concept to think about. This whole vegan thing is impressing me although a challenge I feel amazing!

      Keep up the great work on your blog as well. And thanks for reading and commenting:)

      • For sure I’ll let you know what I think about paleo! So far it sems like a huge amount of marketing hype, but some folk I know swear by it so I’ll def give it a good look at, and give it a go….after all how can I judge if I haven’t tried.

        I hadn’t heard of Kamikaze Cowboy, that sound a little strange… soo cool you have such origina/awesomel roots but what a shame if you can’t eat pinapple, it so yummy 😉 I wonder what my Scottish/Welsh heritage would allow me to eat, probably Haggis and seaweed 🙂

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