Top 25 healthiest Universities in the United States…JMU??!!!

Good Morning Healthy People!!!!

A recent study came out about the top healthiest universities throughout the United States.  Pretty awesome consideration to evaluate in my opinion.  It seems that for obvious reasons academia is always prominent in the statistic world for colleges…but what about health?

All I can say is JAMES MADISON UNIVERSITY made number 10…which I am so proud of! It makes me so happy to go to a school where health and fitness is interwoven into the culture here.

Me when I found this out:

I have attached a preview to the article for you to read written by Kelly Fitzpatrick.  Take a second in analyzing why each school made it onto the list. Definitely something to take into mind when deciding where you or your student attends college.. Although I will always say JMU is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

It’s a place that attracts a student body that will literally give you the shirt off of their back. One of the most welcoming communities I have ever been to…we like to call it “the national door holding campus” …because it truly is.

This place is where I found my family away from my family, and learned who I was and where my passions lie, ultimately in health and fitness. So as you can probably precict this article holds a lot of meaning to me. I am proud to call myself a Duke. A forever Duke!! Way to go University Recreation and especially group fitness. I could not have more pride for this university.

Enjoy the article! and GO DUKES!

Happy Eating and Exercising!



P.S. It is THURSDAY!!!! We are sooooooo close to finishing the challenge of the week: NO SUGAR! Hang in there you are doing a wonderful job!

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Here’s a preview of the article click to be directed to the “Greatist” site!

The 25 Healthiest Colleges in the U.S.

by Kelly Fitzpatrick · 3 days ago · Health
Right around this time of year, high school seniors are making some tough decisions — in just a few short weeks, it’ll be time to fill out those enrollment forms. Before picking out dorm décor to suit that new college’s colors, check out our list. We’ve found the 25 schools that create the best environment for leading a fit, healthy, and happy life. For more deets on how we ranked the schools, scroll to the bottom.


Photo: Stephanie Diani/UCLA Newsroom

We can only assume UCLA students never go inside. The school offers an impressive outdoor rec center (in addition to a traditional indoor one) with a team-building ropes course, pools, kayaking, and picnic areas. And if all that relaxing gets too strenuous, students will appreciate the health center (ranked number one by The Princeton Review), which offers acupuncture and massage therapy. There’s also nutrition programming from the health center and the comprehensive FITWELL program with fitness classes, online educational resources, mind and body workshops, and even chair massages.

2. Stanford University

Photo: Linda A. Cicero/Stanford News Service

Some of the happiest students in the country are at Stanford, according to The Princeton Review, and we can see why. Students give the food here an A+ at College Prowler, and many dining options include late night dining ’til 2 am. Meanwhile, the gym is open until 1 am, so studying will never get in the way of a sweat session. Not to be outdone, the health center is also ranked in the top 25 by The Princeton Review. There are several student athletic groups, and the three-step BeWell program with resources for assessment, planning, and executing health and fitness changes.

3. University of North Dakota

Photo: Chuck Kimmerle/University of North Dakota

Students aiming to eat healthy will love UND’s “guiding stars” rating system, which serves as the yellow brick road to healthy dining options. And for the price of $4,000 per year, students get unlimited access to the dining halls, which support local North Dakota farmers. (For the record, the national average for the cost of dining in 2009-2010 was $4,300, which doesn’t necessarily include unlimited meals.) Recreation facilities are even more highly rated on College Prowler — as well they should be. The $20 million gym, opened in 2006, was a gift from the students, who voted to up tuition for six years to pay for it. The gym offers a huge array of free fitness and health assessments and just about all the equipment we could ever want. Our favorite thing about UND, though, is its 7 Dimensions approach to wellness, which includes often-overlooked factors like emotional, environmental, and spiritual health.

4. Colby College

Photo: Jesse Goldman ’12/Colby College

Tabata training and CrossFit classes at the fitness center are perfect for students who want to work out outside the box (pun intended), and the fitness complex also boasts a pool, indoor track, and ice rink. The health center has convenient hours, including weekends, and an emergency response team of volunteer EMTs that serve the campus community. Colby embraces sustainable dining, harvesting some food straight from its thriving campus garden. And dining services’ hard work is rewarded with an A+ score on College Prowler.

5. University of Georgia

Photo by Dot Paul

UGA gets major points for its highly-rated food, plus the school offers nutrition consultations and smart-eating courses with a dietitian. The University of Georgia was also one of the only schools we found with 24-hour dining during the week, so even after a late-night study session students don’t need to resort to fast food. The school’s gym offers a Biggest Loser program (with prizes!) and several other wellness programs. The health center has dental, dermatology, and vision care, plus cooking classes and wellness workshops.

….. See ALL 25 ranked schools at “GREATIST” 

10. James Madison University

Photo Courtesy of James Madison University

Students who can’t stand an overcrowded Zumba session will love JMU’s approach to fitness classes. Students must register online in advance to secure a spot in class, and the gym offers a huge range of class options (with video clips online for timid first-timers). The rec also offers a huge range of programsfrom outdoor adventures to nutrition classes.

Again to link to their website click here

I would like to thank GREATIST for doing a wonderful job with their website, their mission and this article!


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