I will pay you to write my capstone paper….

Helllllllo Healthy People!!!

Congratulations I hope you feel accomplished after tonight with last week’s NO SUGAR challenge!! I am currently at the library working on my 35 page paper…so far I’ve done basically 5 hours of pure research and no writing…

This was me when I started at the Library:

This is how I feel now:

So anyways here I am blogging on my mini break.  I hope you all had a happy and healthy weekend!!!

I’m going to keep this short so I can go back to studying/writing/school owning my life…. (Graduation is so soon…)

Oh yeah that reminds me…my senior photos are complete woo:

The famous J MADDY Statue!

And the serious one… HAHA. I seriously cracked up when I saw these photos. I think it’s weird to get your photo taken by yourself. But the rest of the photos can be found on FB at Mikaela Hamilton Photography or her blog http://www.mikaelahamilton.com/ which is fantastic by the way. Definitely check out her work. She is a phenomenal photographer, and a friend of mine since freshman year of college. Best luck to her with all of her dreams.

why so serrrrious??? mwahah

ANYWAYS. Now that that’s over with… on to THE HEALTH/FITNESS CHALLENGE OF THE WEEK….!!!!!

Your face right now is:

SO here’s the plan. Last week we did a health challenge. This week we’ll do a fitness challenge.

STARTING tomorrow Morning and for the duration of the week each time BEFORE and AFTER you brush your teeth you have to do 50 jumping jacks and one 30 second plank. So if you brush your teeth in the morning and evening you will end up doing 200 jumping jacks and 2 minutes of planks!!! CAN YOU DO IT????

Please don't have this form...Elvis... hunk of burning love

Come on people it’ll be so easy.

Wanna up the ante even more? IN ADDITION: Double this before you shower: 100 Jumping Jacks and 1 minute plank.

WOO so technically if you brush your teeth twice a day and shower once a day you will have completed:

300 Jumping Jack and 3 Minutes worth of planks! Woo this will be great on your metabolism and your energy!

Safety note: On jumping jacks make sure your heels are coming down on the way…change them to power jacks to add intensity or modified side step jacks to lower intensity. On planks, if you are in the full plank keep form by creating a long straight line from heels to head. Hips shouldn’t be in the air or dipped too low, you will know the feeling when your abdominals are engaged properly. Also feel free to always go into the modified position if form is ever compromised. Form is more important than the intensity of the move. If you do it right, the results will come.


Remember to be safe and have a wonderful week!

Happy eating and exercising!



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8 thoughts on “I will pay you to write my capstone paper….

  1. Well, from a rookie (I’m almost embarrassed to ask), but what is a plank. I would love to do the challenge, but you will have to explain it to me. Your senior pictures are great!!

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