H.I.I.T…not the Chris Brown Version!

Heyyyy Healthy People!!!

Hope life is good. Happy hump day. Phew this week is almost over!!! How’s the fitness challenge of the week going? Keep at it, don’t cheat yourself!

So I wanted to post for a while about this whole H.I.I.T workout theory…and let you know how you can incorporate it into your workouts…sooo I made a video since I haven’t made one in a while….

Also Check out this Website for more info on HIIT: http://www.gymboss.com/hiit-workout.php

Elliptical Workout:

30 Minutes Total (continue to make it longer though!)

5 Minutes warm up, easy to moderate

3 minutes at a normal work speed and resistance…(Resistance or level between an 8-12)

1 Minute pushing as hard as you can go (Resistance between 16-22)

3 minutes at a normal work speed (the same as before or increase a level…don’t drop down)

1 Minutee pushing as hard as you can go again!

(CONTINUE THIS…as many times as you want. You can also do this for a 10-15 minute break up between two solid runs at a constant resistance and speed to add some flavor.

HIIT on the Treadmill...lol jk

Treadmill Workout:

5 minute jog at 5mph-ish to warm up

3 minutes between a 6 and 7

1 minute between an 8-9

3 minutes between a 6-7

1 minute between an 8-9

Continue to repeat as long as you want! I like to end with one fast straight on 7 minute mile to end the set!

You might feel like this after a HIIT fitness session:

But keep at it, soon you will automatically add it to your workouts! You’ll notice that this will naturally increase your speed and distance on your normal runs too!

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Happy Eating and Exercising!




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