Why I love what I do.

Hello Healthy People!!

Today it really hit me that I am graduating. Anything that brings change brings with it a sense of nostalgia for the past, an eagerness for the future but yet an appreciation for what is and what was. I am very much looking forward to a bright future and I know I cannot live in the past but these past four years have been the most amazing years of my life so far. I am truly blessed for the REMARKABLE people I have met and the lives that have touched and transformed me.

I taught 7pm Zumba every Tuesday this semester and had a group of participants that would join the party every week. Tonight was my last class and it ended with a big sweaty hug from dedicated partipants and tears in my eyes. If that doesn’t make you love what you do I don’t know what does.

JMU has fostered an environment where you learn to live the life you love, and love the life you live. This is where I have found my deepest passions with health and fitness.

Today I received a text message from a friend who follows my blog. I won’t disclose who this was but it really touched me and makes what I do just for fun (this blog) seem so much more important to me.

“Thought you’d like this. I planned on working out today but woke up thinking nah. then I saw your facebook post and immediately hopped out of bed and went at it. Long story short, you inspired a 2 mile run, biceps/triceps/shoulder lift and 500 crunches. Thank you.”

When I read this text message you couldn’t imagine how I felt. If I can help even just ONE person that makes my life, purpose and passion gain so much meaning. It reifies that what I do means something. And everyone should seek that sense of happiness and fulfillment. So thanks for that text message, it means a lot to know this little blog is doing something right 🙂

I’m currently in tears planning the last cycle class I will ever teach tomorrow


But I know it will be a fun and awesome class and a great start to #workoutwednesday. Have you planned when you are working out tomorrow? Remember even if you ONLY have 20 minutes you can still fit in a great workout. Maybe think about incorporating HIIT!
Keep up with this week’s health challenge too!!!! Take photos/document everything you eat, journal etc. You know how it goes, click here for a refresher.

Happy Eating and Exercising!!


Jess ❤


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