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Good Morning Healthy people!!!

Hopefully today will again be a beautiful day in the DC Metro area. Yesterday was the first day it actually felt like spring–so of course I convinced my boyfriend to go running outside with me (my absolute favorite thing to do when it’s nice out because a) it’s nice out b) we all need some vitamin D and c) The couple that works out together, stays together!)


“Dog: the only creature on Earth who loves you more than himself”

^^ SO TRUE, I love dogs.

Anyways, there’s a trail that runs from Leesburg, VA all the way to DC so we decided to take the pup for a ride and find the trail close to our house.

Finley is just about a year old now (in 2 weeks!) and loves to be active…buuuuut, he has never gone for a 3+ mile run outside. So this was quite the experience.

k with fin 2

Dogs are a great way to stay active or become more active if you are sedentary. Bottom line is they need to go out. That might be the sole reason you get off the couch to walk them around the block and before you know it you’re getting back into shape too! Not only that, dogs are definitely the best companions ever. I wouldn’t trade our dog for the world; he’s the best!

After 2-3 miles in Finley is completely exhausted. I was on such an endorphin rush from the weather and the run that I wanted to push on for another couple of miles or so but we knew he had to go home.

So home we went.

sleepy fin

An exhausted pup…

If you were considering looking for a pet in the future I would recommend adopting an active breed to help you in your pursuit of health and fitness! Here’s a link to find pet shelters in your area, click here.

Get up and get running! Try to enjoy the beautiful spring weather before the heat of summer comes.

Happy eating and exercising,



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I’m an adult. Whoa.

Helllllo Healthy People!!!!

How is the challenge of the week going??? Have you tried to juice yet? My favorite recipe has an organic apple, kale, spinach, piece of ginger root, wedge of lime, and a beet! If you experiment you just might find that you have a favorite too!

So since graduation on May 5th I began my brand new job at Athletic Edge in Lakewood Ranch, FL which I absolutely LOVE. It’s sometimes funny to watch the intensity downstairs in the strengthening and conditioning area. They look like this:

I am upstairs with the yoga and group fitness studio. Along with my own desk to do marketing and administrative work. All in all, I love it and the people I work with are awesome.

But…of course I can’t just have one job. So I applied at a spinning studio called GoLegs and a fitness center called Sarasota Memorial Healthplex.  I got the job at both places!!! So I technically have 3 jobs now woo. Busy bee.

My first big girl purchase now that I am officially in the real world (cue Matchbox Twenty music…) was of course…my slot in the Walt Disney World Marathon!!!! 26.2 Miles babyyy in January.

If you’re interested in signing up too here’s the website: http://espnwwos.disney.go.com/events/rundisney/wdw-marathon/index?page=walt-disney-world-marathon

Walt Disney World® Marathon Weekend presented by Cigna

Walt Disney World® Marathon presented by CIGNA

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Start/Finish: Epcot®

The Walt Disney World® Marathon presented by CIGNA is the final race of the weekend, where you will complete the most magical 26.2 miles on Earth. The course takes you through all four Walt Disney World® Theme Parks, starting at Epcot®, continuing on to the Magic Kingdom® Park, Disney’s Animal Kingdom® Park andDisney’s Hollywood Studios before an exhilarating finish back at Epcot®.

The Walt Disney World® Marathon will feature:

  • 26.2-mile course through all four Walt Disney World® Theme Parks
  • Disney Entertainment on-course
  • Event Weekend Transportation for Walt Disney World® Resort guests
  • Family Reunion Area with live entertainment and characters
  • Indulge and unwind at the Downtown Disney® After Party (Sunday evening)

It’s a fantastic course that takes you through the Disney Parks.  This was where I ran my first half marathon in January 2004 just shy of 14 years old. So my goal for a while has been to run a full marathon at the location of where my racing career began.  When you are a beginner marathoner I have heard the goal is to just FINISH. So technically….that’s my goal. Because if I finish I will seriously be the happiest girl ever.  But my secret (not so secret anymore….) goal is to complete it under 4:30…more so around 4 hours.  I have looked up several training schedules and wanted one that would progress in a long duration so I can add mileage slowly…so my knees wouldn’t get all angry with me.

This guy Jeff Galloway has been running “injury free” for forever and has a plan just for that. So it starts in about two weeks and I can’t wait. Check out his website. This was actually the trainer that Disney Recommends!!!


If you have never raced before or are new to running maybe plan a goal in the next 6 months to find a 5k or 10k in your area, look up a training plan online and get to it! Before you know it you will become addicted to racing!!! It is a wonderful experience and the energy and excitement is contagious!


Happy Eating and Exercising,



Floridian back in Florida..leg workout and challenge of the week!

Hey Healthy People!!!

SO…the last few days have been spent packing up my place in Virginia and driving 20 hours to not only Nags Head in the OBX to spend some time with some awesome friends (and fit in my first flat run in months).  Then about 11 hours to visit a cousin in Jacksonville where I got to go to the TPC golf tournament. Then about 4 more hours back home to the west coast.

I know you were probably like this…waiting for my next post:


Graduation was an awesome celebration.  And I am SOOOO thankful to begin work at Athletic Edge in Lakewood Ranch, FL (Have you checked it out yet?)

It seemed like the graduating class the year before was a lot more like this:

But it seems that almost all of my friends have graduated with awesome jobs to begin their adventures post college!  So kudos to them and everyone who has worked so hard and believes in their dreams. You gotta work hard to become successful in ever aspect of your life whether it’s health and fitness, financially or even spiritually/emotionally! Be happy, because life is so short!

Now that I’m finally moved back home to Florida I cannot wait to start blogging about the awesome activities to do here and new and fun exercises I learn at my new job.

This week’s challenge (I know it’s Tuesday but bear with meee) is in honor of Mother’s Day on Sunday.  The challenge is to get your mom, your friend’s mom, a future mom, or some lady to work out with you! Anything works, go for a walk, hike a mountain, take a cycle class…just get moving!!!

LEG WORKOUT Routine to try this week:


With weights resting on your shoulders, feet a little wider than hip width apart, toes and knees pointed forward (weight in the heels)…squat counting slowly at first:

1.) Begin counting down for 2 up for 2 (4 times)

2.) 8 Single Squats

3.) Change it count down for 3 counts up for 1 (3-2-1 up 1)…4 times, reverse and do down one up for three.

4.) 8 regular singles


Then work your way into lunges by sticking your right leg up and left back making sure knee never goes passed your front toe and imagining a string is pulling you up and down not parallel to the ground. Weights on your shoulders in an option

1.) Perform the same exact counts that we did with the squats on both the Right lead and the Left lead.

2.) BUT in between switching legs go back and re run through the squat routine.

Back to squats after finished with opposite leg!

1.) Re run through the squat counts.

Things to keep in mind?

Squeeze your glutes as you come up on both squats and lunges. Tighten your belly button to the back of your spine. On lunges weight is evenly distributed between your feet. On both exercises make sure  your knees are never passed your toes (fron leg on lunges…check yourself in a mirror it’s a great help)! And remember weights only add to the intensity. If new to these exercises try it with just the change in the counts.

Want to make it a little more intense?

On the lunges when you are performing 8 single lunges add a knee to chest by lunging down and as you rise your back leg comes up and your knee goes into your chest balancing on your leading leg!!!

Hope you all have had an amazing last couple of days and celebrations with the women in your life for Mother’s Day.

I know I wouldn’t be who I am today without my momma ❤

Happy Eating and Exercising!



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Power Songs: Hip-Hop/Rap

Hellllo Healthy People,


I Graduated!!!!! Woo (also the reason why I haven’t blogged in a few days! but I’m back for good now I promise!)

Before it rained….

Ceremonies began at 9am on Saturday…aka 6am wake up so we could all take showers and get there early for photos. The day began with a beautiful sunrise…but quickly quickly brought storm clouds and with it…rain.

Rain is lucky right?

post rain and post official graduation!!! woo

I didn’t do a challenge this week because I didn’t have time to post for this week….but don’t think that’s a break! Try doing one of the challenges I’ve posted about already or continue with last week’s challenge of working out with a friend and being their motivator!!

This week I made a video about power songs to work out too…maybe they will give you some ideas, maybe not…but it is something to consider when making your workout playlists! So next time a song comes on and pumps you up make a mental note that that would be your “power” song.


Definitely laugh at the awkward dancing and just plain randomness to this video. It was around 3am and I was a little out of it haha! But I do hope you enjoy!!


Happy eating and exercising!!

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Man’s Best Friend, and Motivation???

Hellllllo Healthy People!!!

It’s 1:30am. 30 pages into my 35 page capstone paper.


I am distracting myself from my paper by:

A.) Posting to my blog….

B.) Planning my ZUMBA class for tomorrow:

and C.) searching for a dog to adopt once I graduate! YIKES. My dad says that it’s definitely a good idea to have a dog if I plan on living on my own. #biggirlstatus woooo!So of course I was curious as to which dogs would be the best running companions…

I found this article on Runner’s World with a chart describing which dogs would be good for each type of run. I’m currently talking to an owner of a baby husky they are trying to get adopted so looks like I’ll only be running with them in the cold…

So check out the article, and maybe think about adopting a new running buddy!

Happy Eating and Exercising!


A Breed Apart

Can your dog go the distance?By Christie Aschwanden

Image by Getty ImagesFrom the September 2010 issue of Runner’s World

CLICK on RUNNER’S WORLD to read the actual article!!!

Long, Steady Runs
(More Than 10 Miles)
• Weimaraners
• Goldendoodles
• German shorthaired pointers
• Vizslas
• Jack Russell terriers
A medium build, well-muscled hind quarters, not too heavy
Brisk Shorter Runs
(Less Than 10-K)
• Greyhounds
• Pit bulls
• English setters
• Beagles
• Golden and Labrador retrievers
A muscular and lean build, and a mind for sprinting rather than slogging
Going Fast
(7-Minute Miles or Faster)
• Vizslas
• German shorthaired pointers
• Weimaraners
• Greyhounds
• Whippets
A medium-size, lean build, and a mental aptitude for running
Long, Slow Runs
• Catahoulas
• Labrador retrievers
• Standard poodles
• Dalmatians
A bigger body that can handle the distance—if you go slow
Running in the Heat
• Rhodesian ridgebacks
• Vizslas
• Airedale terriers
• Fox terriers
A long nose, a short, sleek coat, and a svelte body
Running in the Cold
• Malamutes
• German shepherds
• Swiss mountain dogs
• Siberian huskies
A thick coat and a stockier body type
Running on Trails with Obstacles
• German shorthaired pointers
• Vizslas
• Weimaraners
• Border collies
• Belgian sheepdogs
Sure-footed and quick to react (such as herding and hunting dogs)
Most Obedient on Heavily Used Trails
• Golden and Labrador retrievers
• Standard poodles
• Labradoodles
• Border collies
Nonaggressive, people-oriented, and obedient; has a calm personality

Namaste Cycle, not as “zen” as usual.

Hey Healthy People!!!


Time to relax:

BUUUUUT if you feel like this:

Don’t listen to your mind. Don’t cave into the little lazy non exercising devil on your shoulder! Get up, go out for a bike ride or a hike or a kayaking trip with your other half ❤

This morning I taught my last Namaste Cycle class at JMU which was a little bittersweet. It is one of my favorite classes to teach encompassing an hour and 15 minutes of cycling and yoga fused together! Best combo in my opinion because you get a great cardio workout and then a nice strength and stretching session.

But unfortunately today reminded me of something I need to let everyone know! You should ALWAYS have some type of food before you work out! I had a participant in this morning’s class that after the 40 minutes of cycling (granted it was a hardddd class…) needed EMS as she was feeling extremely faint.  She did not eat any breakfast and basically rolled out of bed before the class began. So please, be aware of your bodies at all times and never push yourself farther than you need to go! It’s good to push somewhat but be mindful. And remember always to drink lots of water and eat before a class.

Ideas for easy/quick breakfast options in the mornings:

1.) Granola Bar

2.) Yogurt

3.) Toast with peanut or almond butter

4.) Piece of fruit

5.) Handful of nuts.

6.) Trail Mix

7.) Dried fruit

8.) Cottage Cheese with pineapple

9.) quick cup of oatmeal

10.) Chewy Bar (my favorite for long runs)

These are all light options you can eat 15-30 minutes before you work out and not feel sick during your exercising.

SO GET UP AND GET MOVING PEOPLE!!! I hope you have a wonderful Saturday!

Happy Eating and Exercising!!



P.S. ONLY 2 more days left of the FITNESS CHALLENGE!!! You can do it people, jacks and planks…remember form!

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H.I.I.T…not the Chris Brown Version!

Heyyyy Healthy People!!!

Hope life is good. Happy hump day. Phew this week is almost over!!! How’s the fitness challenge of the week going? Keep at it, don’t cheat yourself!

So I wanted to post for a while about this whole H.I.I.T workout theory…and let you know how you can incorporate it into your workouts…sooo I made a video since I haven’t made one in a while….

Also Check out this Website for more info on HIIT: http://www.gymboss.com/hiit-workout.php

Elliptical Workout:

30 Minutes Total (continue to make it longer though!)

5 Minutes warm up, easy to moderate

3 minutes at a normal work speed and resistance…(Resistance or level between an 8-12)

1 Minute pushing as hard as you can go (Resistance between 16-22)

3 minutes at a normal work speed (the same as before or increase a level…don’t drop down)

1 Minutee pushing as hard as you can go again!

(CONTINUE THIS…as many times as you want. You can also do this for a 10-15 minute break up between two solid runs at a constant resistance and speed to add some flavor.

HIIT on the Treadmill...lol jk

Treadmill Workout:

5 minute jog at 5mph-ish to warm up

3 minutes between a 6 and 7

1 minute between an 8-9

3 minutes between a 6-7

1 minute between an 8-9

Continue to repeat as long as you want! I like to end with one fast straight on 7 minute mile to end the set!

You might feel like this after a HIIT fitness session:

But keep at it, soon you will automatically add it to your workouts! You’ll notice that this will naturally increase your speed and distance on your normal runs too!

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Happy Eating and Exercising!



ZUMBA Playlist!!! Slash rock out and dance with your hairbrush music…

Hey Healthy People!!!

My life is sakdjfsjkdf–> or at least there really isn’t a word to describe how it feels! I have less than two weeks left of my college career left and I’m doing my best to cherish these last moments but could it possibly be any busier? Nope.

Me writing my 35 page paper all I can think about is:

I cannot wait to have my booty on the beach with Luke Bryan music blasting and all the time in the world to relax and work on my tan 🙂

I have SO many things on my mind that I’d like to post about…thanks to soem readers for your great ideas (Sam, Katie, Lauren, Jess..etc etc)! I really appreciate it.

But wait! You know what today is? The 17th!…MY VEGAN MONTH CHALLENGE WAS over on the 12th…and I didn’t even know. So I’ll be posting about this soon because who knew I would actually want to keep the challenge going???



Tonight’s Zumba Class was SO much fun. I needed it to release some stress with all of the school work and demand of the next couple of days. Moooove your booty!

The Playlist:

1.) Shake Senora Remix by Pitbull Ft. T-Pain, Sean Paul and Ludacris

2.) Call Me Maybe? by Carly Rae Jepsen (thanks to a few friends for choreographing this in my living room Friday night…this was popular!)

3.) Que Te Pica by Notch (fast feet ohhhh yeahhh)

4.) We Found Love by Rihanna Ft. Calvin Harris (hammer up, in out in, step right/left walk walk walk 3skis, shoulders—athletic part…aka died this song and the next…these are choreogrpahed based on STRIDE which is a blend oh hip/hop and athletic conditioning/plyo moves that I learned at a Fitness Expo.)

5.) Evacuate the Dancefloor by Cascada (you will be soooo sweaty here, water break after!)

6.) Pegate by Grupo Treo (one of my faves–jersey shore anyone?)

7.) Shawty Got Moves by Get Cool (Sexual…)

8.) Pa’arriba by Descemer Bueno (new one, kumbia rhythm…might of did improv choreo on this one…woops! 😉

9.) Rain Over Me by Pitbull Ft. Marc Anthony (show me attttitude)

10.) Rompe Remix [edited] by Daddy Yankee (cardio, knees galore)

11.) Fuego by Kumbia Kings (everyone sings the chorus and I LOVE it ❤ )

12.) Mueve La Booty by Raul Acosta y Oro Solido (move your booooty)

13.) La fiesta Ya Se Encendio (merengue)

14.)  Bon, Bon by Pitbull (How low can you go?)

15.) Jai Ho! by A.R. Rahman and the Pussy Cat Dolls (clearly a classic)

16.) Boyfriend by Justin Bieber (this song is sexy and Justin is an adult now right…?? haha jk)

17.) Come Away to the Water by Maroon 5 (Coold down/hunger games discussion)

How’s the fitness challenge of the week coming? Click here if you need a reminder!

I hope you all have a fantastic day tomorrow…reminder…not sure how you could forget but it’s WINESDAY! Celebrate Wednesday Wine Night, it’s a tradition 😉


Happy Eating and Exercising!



7am Cycle Fitness…Favorite class

GOOOOD Morning Healthy People!!!

When I teach morning spin classes… I have a 5:00 am wake up call… Something I actually volunteer for, call me nuts.

Even though I wanted to lay in bed like this…

I was ready to go and happy to give everyone a great morning workout. Here was the playlist we used:

1.) Boyfriend by Justin Bieber (don’t laugh this song is good lol)

2.) Jet Lag by Simple Plan feat. Natasha Bedingfield

3.) Where Have You Been? by Rihanna

4.) Rain Over Me by Pitbull feat. Marc Anthony

5.) Free by Graffiti6

6.) Lights (Bassnectar Remix) by Ellie Goulding

7.) Enough is Enough by Avicii

8.) Epic by Sandro Silva and Quintino

9.) Glad You Came by The Wanted

10.) Cinema (Skrillex Remix) by Benny Benassi

11.) What is Love? -Reloaded by Haddaway

12.) Show me Love (club mix) by Michael Mind

13.) Waiting for Tonight by Jennifer Lopez

14.) Drunk on You by Luke Bryan (favorite song right now, reminds me of summer)

15.) Come Away to the Water by Maroon 5 (aah the Hunger Games soundtrack….)

This playlist is great for running, cycling or working out in general!!!

Disclaimer: whatever you do please refrain from dancing like this:

It is Hump Day today so get your workout on. Remember to keep up with our no Sugar Challenge of the week and don’t forget to like my facebook page for extra motivators 🙂

Happy eating and exercising!



Yoga and Chaturangaaaaa

Hey Healthy People!!!
I found this awesome blog/site from Lulu and I wanted to share it with you in case my instructional video on how to do proper sun salutations wasn’t that helpful! Hope you’re having a wonderful day and that you’re keeping strong with the sugar challenge. I will be doing a video soon to check in!!!

Happy Eating and Exercising,



how to cha-cha-chaturanga

This blog post was written by Allessia and posted on April 9, 2012 at 8:58 pm

chaturanga - how to - yoga pose

Not to worry, even those of us with two left feet can learn to (cha-cha) Chaturanga thanks to West 4th ambassador Elle Basten. Here’s her one-two step10-step breakdown to up your Vinyasa flow.


1. start by placing your hands on your mat right below your shoulders (in plank)
2. bring the shoulders slightly forward by pressing into the toes and shifting the length of your body forward
3. draw the lower belly in and lengthen your tailbone away to keep your low back long
4. bring your lower ribs up and in towards your spine to keep the middle of your back strong
5. imagine one long straight line from the tip of your tailbone to the crown of your head
6. gaze only slightly forward or straight down to lengthen, keeping the back of your neck long and throat (and airway!) open
7. keep the chest & collarbones broad and open by gently hugging the inner armpits towards one another
8. draw your elbows in line with your shoulders – don’t collapse into the ribs or wing out to the side
9. lower halfway down (bring your knees to the floor if your lower back begins to drop or sag!)
10. ensure that the shoulder heads do not drop below the line of the elbows (they should form a 90-degree angle) – this requires strong triceps! If they do sag, bring your knees to the floor until you can safely make the shift

go with the flow

Need a visual? See Aventura Mall ambassador, Michelle Wong, work through the flow in this video!

Now that you’ve nailed Chaturanga and Headstand, what other poses would you like a step-by-step breakdown of?

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