Hey Healthy People!

Tonight I taught both Power Yoga and 20/20/20. Since I have already posted a few times about power yoga I thought I’d introduce you to 20/20/20…one of my favorite classes to teach!

I’m not going to lie…it was a pretty intense class. I mean I assumed participants are there to get a good workout in and be pushed compared to what they would be able to do on their own but still maintain proper safety and form…so I pushed the limits. Even I am extremely sore from the plyometric workout portions of athletic conditioning…some participants might have felt like this at some point:

HAHA…just kidding kind of. But a lot of them took the opportunity to take a few seconds break during the exercises to regain the necessary energy or fuel to continue and maintain form for the duration of the exercise…this is an important element to consider in your own workouts or group fitness classes. Make sure you are never feeling pain or too much discomfort because you most likely are sacrificing proper form. Never be afraid to ask the instructor for some hands on corrections or feedback…before, during or after class!

20/20/20 incorporates two twenty minute segments of cardio followed by a final twenty minutes of sculpt.  It gives the instructor the opportunity to really individualize the class to their desire. So I chose Kickboxing, Athletic Conditioning and Body Sculpt.  Other classes I have taught step, boxing, zumba, plyometrics and cardio dance party for the cardio part and sculpt I have done core, Pilates and sculpt with a focus such as lower or upper body.

We always begin with a low-impact warmup, and spinal rotation to warm up the back.

Kickboxing Combo: If you’re an instructor you will understand the lingo, feel free to use in your cardio kickboxing class!

Jab Jab Cross, 2 Jumping Jacks

Power Bag Shuffle (to the R to begin)

2 Hitch Kicks forward

2 Back Kicks

Jump Rope, switch to other side

(Transition right into other side–connecting R and L)

Athletic Conditioning

Circuit workout: 5 stations with 5 people at each station (60 seconds at each station, 15 seconds to transition)

1.)Round 1: Cone Drills; Round 2: Heismann, Jump cone to cone

2.)Round 1: Burpees; Round 2: Ladder Drills

3.)Round 1: Suicides; Round 2: Frogger Jumps…basically leap to the cone as far as possible, both legs starting and landing together. Land softly bending knees trying to be quiet so your knees don’t get too much impact.

4.)Round 1: Jump Rope; Round 2: Power Jacks, similar to power squats

5.)Round 1: Wall Sits; Round 2: Plie Squats with Med Ball

End with a Relay Race: Sprint to cones, 10 burpees, run back. Winner gets water first!

Sculpt (Grab heavy Body Bar, mat, resistance band)

1.) Bicep curls with bar, bring right hand to center of bar, left hand resting on side of bar to increase tension. Play with counts, up for 3 down 1.

2.) Serve the platter out and in. Remember breath, exhaling as you push out.

3.) Upward Rows, think about kissing your body on the way up, add a squat here.

4.) Change this to upward row, push out on top and lower for two. Change directions.

5.) Lunges with bar on shouders

6.) Tricep Pilates pushups on ground

7.) Regular Push ups (give modifications)

8.) Skull crushers to work triceps again

9.) Pilates half roll back isometric hold

10.) Stand up, bands for shoulders

11.) Outer legs with bands, step on band and step R and L

12.) Inner thighs lying on mat, use bar to add tension

13.) End with crunches, and back extensions.


and of course make sure you are keeping up with the challenge of the week, no sugar!!!!!!

With such an intense workout…seriously I’m so sore from teaching it…make sure you are having a healthy dinner to give your muscles the needed nutrients to recover and grow stronger and leaner!

Happy Eating and Exercising!



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Correcting Sun Salutation in Yoga

This video is meant to be helpful for both participants and instructors. These are just a few of the mistakes with form I notice when I teach…

More videos to come!!!


Have you worked out 30 minutes at least each day so far this week? Keep up with the Fitness Challenge!!!


Happy exercising and eating!



2012 Southeast Collegiate Fitness Expo: Part 1

Saturday Morning the song “Hakuna Matata” blares from my alarm at 4 am. This. cannot. be. real.  Oh but it is! Today we are driving to Virginia Tech from James Madison for the fitness expo…a two-day fitness filled event in the southeastern district. Schools involved this year included UF, UCF, Kentucky, UGA, Auburn, ECU, ODU, NC State, Longwood, William & Mary, UVA and more!

We arrive at Virginia Tech around 7:30 after a few minor detours (thank you Australian sounding Garmin)…and we’re the first school there. We sign in and get our packets, T-shirts, water bottles and itinerary for the first day.

Soon other schools begin to pile into the recreation center and blare with excitement for a full weekend of working out. This is also the time where we like to wear our freshest workout shoes and clothes because we know we are surrounded by others who will fully appreciate it in the same respect that we do. Naturally my friend Keala and I spot out the coolest shoes we wanna save up for in the future…bright, neon…that’s the new thing.

I decide to take out the itinerary and plan for the rest of the day.

First up: Hard-Core! Conditioning aka boot camp. Where? Double Gym. Who? All attendees. Presenter: Gay Gasper, Perform Better. Wait. Gay Casper. This woman is basically the reason for group fitness. She is ripped and enthusiastic ready to kick our butts in this boot camp from 8:30-9:45. Yikes.

The class description was:

In this workshop you will learn numerous strength and endurance exercises to target the msucles of the Core. Explore various workout options for all the muscles of the abs and back. The use of equipment such as bosu, tubing, medicine balls and stability balls can be incorporated into this clinic. ACE 0.20 AFAA 1.0

The reality of this class was plyometric work for an hour and fifteen minutes and continuous body weight exercises sans breaks! It was insane!!! Definitely got the blood flowing…but it was intense leading up to a full day of working out. It was catered appropriately towards the population which was hundreds of fitness instructors or personal trainers.  As such, I would not recommend a lot of the moves to be used in a normal class but there were certainly many ideas we could take away from it.

My team described it as “a thousand million squats” which in my opinion is dead on. My hamstrings and glutes DAYS later are still feeling the soreness.

This first session was a master class taught to the entire expo participants. As soon as it ended everyone ran to the next session they were interested in taking…my choice? AU Burn.

Clever name. This was obviously a session held by a woman named Christy from Auburn University. This was a hip hop/athletic dance cardio class…and seriously might even be one of the best sessions I have ever taken. Her philopophy was based on STRIDE which is a similar class created by Shaun T (think…insanity/hiphop abs) where you work in intervals and repeat sets of plyometric body weight work. When I got back to UREC and JMU I taught the moves to the song “we found love” and then performed the dance to “evacuate the dance floor.” I couldn’t believe the response! Participants LOVED it. I plan on using it tonight in the 30% of Zumba where you are free to use outside music and moves.

The choreography (altered a bit by me):

Dance Combo

Hammer up starting with left arm 4 times (teach slow, but fast in combo)

Legs start wide criss cross, hop out, and feet back in.

Roll the body up and punch both arms.

pull back right, pull back left (another option, salsa back right and left)

walk around Right 1-2-3-4

ski feet forward (think 1-2-3, 1-2-3) twice

step R foot out wide then left

hit floor (be sexy!)

shoulder pop single single double double x 2

Athletic combo

 After you complete one set of moving through all of the dance part fast, you go right into two power squats

hands go to ground, extend out to full plank


In plank bring both legs up towards Right side, Middle, Left, Middle

Jack plank (legs go to either side to make a V)

Jump feet in, jump up, go right back to Hammers!! –The goal is to repeat 5 times to elevate the heart rate.

By the end of the class we felt like this:

We still had two more sessions before lunch. Lunch, Demo team and 2-3 more sessions. By the end of the day we were tired but certainly high off endorphins. My next posts will give details about all of these sessions.

…and this was just day number one!!!

Hope you enjoy the choreography and information about this fitness expo. I will try to share as much as possible in related posts!



P.S. dont judge my alarm ringtone “hakuna matata” –it’s the best way to start the day…it means no worries 🙂

Yoga Playlist…or Music for Studying

Like I mentioned in my last post I have been teaching Yoga for some time now. When I first started teaching I was coached in the art of playing a CD that sounds like drums, running water, chanting…and other strange noises. I actually had to teach to SigEp a  fraternity at JMU and managed to have the luck of sticking in one of the most awkward sensual sounding CDs of all time.

Okay before I continue, just FYI when you Google the word awkward in images…the most ridiculous things pop up…

(ADD moment) Back to my point…

It wasn’t until recently I decided to experiment with music. I create playlists for Spin and Zumba so why not yoga?…As an instructor unless you are teaching under the constraints of Les Mills or similar certifications–the power is in your hands. Obviously the goal is to make it the best experience possible for the participants so I decided I would start to create playlists for yoga and get feedback at the end. IT WAS INCREDIBLE.  So many students came up to me asking for the songs in the playlist…and loving the change and difference it made within the class.


So I have decided to write down my playlist for all to see. This is good music to relax to as well as do yoga on your own time if you’d like….or you can come to my class Tuesday’s at 11am 😉


1.) Question by the Old 97s

2.) On My Mind by Donavon Frankenreiter

3.) Are You Lonesome Tonight? By Elvis Presley

4.) The Fear You Won’t Fall by Joshua Radin

5.) I Won’t Give Up by Jason Mraz

6.) Stay with You by John Legend

7.) Can’t Help Falling in Love by Ingrid Michaelson (this might be one of my faves)

8.) In these Arms by The Swell Season

9.) Skinny Love by Birdy

10.) Keep Breathing by Ingrid Michaelson

11.) When You’re Smiling by Louis Armstrong

12.) Have a Little Faith in Me by Josh Hiatt

13.) Tears and Rain by James Blunt

14.) Beautiful Day by U2

15.) Sittin by the dock of the Bay by Otis Redding

16.) I’ll be Seeing You by Billie Holiday

17.) Your Song by Ellie Goulding

18.) I will follow you into the dark by Death Cab for Cutie

19.) Imagine by John Lennon



I am almost positive you can find all of these songs on itunes!  Hope you enjoy it!

Also, I hope after reading this you decide to step outside of the box as an instructor and not conform to what you have always taught. There is a need for constant progress in the fitness industry and I encourage you to be the catalyst sparking change!




I just shook it in front of a Frat: Life of a Zumba Instructor

Yesterday I taught Zumba to a Fraternity on campus for a special program at work. Woo…I just recently got licensed as a Zumba instructor so I am trying to delve into it although coming from an athletic background I was a tad bit nervous. And by tad I mean tremendously. Not only was I going to have to learn how to shake it to Latin music, I was going to have to shake it to Latin music…in front of a huge group of people. Ouch. My dad said good luck, the Polish in me would not be of any assistance ( a joke he likes to use about his lack of…ahem…dance skills ). But to tell you the truth since being certified in November of 2011 I have gained great confidence in this form of teaching. I think what helps most is how much participants LOVE to dance and move and shake in order to get a workout in. As Zumba says leave the workout and join the party. My passion for teaching group fitness has only grown since my new certification. I feel like a brand new format was key in igniting a spark in teaching again. Here is the song list I used to teach the class. If you are interested in choreography, let me know and I will think about adding YouTube videos or posts including those.

Zumba Fraternity Style:

Sexy and I Know It 3:19 LMFAO Sorry for Party Rocking (Deluxe Version) Pop

Culebra – Salsa 3:59 Zumba Fitness ZIN Volume 36 Latin

Fuego 3:40 Kumbia Kings Fuego Latino


Que Te Pica 3:12 Notch Raised By the People Reggaeton y Hip-Hop

Hotel Room Service 3:58 Pitbull Rebelution (Bonus Track Version) Hip Hop/Rap

La Fiesta Ya Se Encendio – Merengue 4:21 Zumba Fitness ZIN Volume 36 Latin

Bon, Bon 3:36 Pitbull Armando (Deluxe Version) Pop Latino

It’s Tricky 3:03 Run-DMC Raising Hell Hip Hop/Rap

Shawty Got Moves 3:14 Get Cool Step Up 3D (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) [Deluxe Version] Soundtrack

Jai Ho! (You Are My Destiny) [feat. Nicole Scherzinger] 3:42 A.R. Rahman & The Pussycat Dolls Jai Ho! (You Are My Destiny) [feat. Nicole Scherzinger] – Single Pop

Rain Over Me (feat. Marc Anthony) 3:52 Pitbull Planet Pit (Deluxe Version) Hip Hop/Rap

Pause 3:01 Pitbull Pause (Zumba Mix) – Single Hip Hop/Rap

Cupid Shuffle 4:39 Cupid Cool Down

Un-thinkable (I’m Ready) [Remix] {feat. Drake} 4:42 Alicia Keys Un-thinkable (I’m Ready) [Remix] {feat. Drake} – Single R&B/Soul

Two Becomes One 4:01 Spice Girls