Shake Shake Shake, ya smoothie.

Hello Healthy people!!!


When the weather gets warmer–you know it is time to break out the blender for Margarit—I mean SMOOTHIES!

I created some tasty recipes that might satisfy that sweet tooth, while getting those nutrients!


GREEN BOOST aka the best for you:

1 cup kale

1 cup spinach

½ banana (peel and chop up to put in freezer)-Frozen fruit always works a little better

Protein Powder

Some milk so it blends well.

If you use frozen fruit you probably won’t need ice.


Mixed Berry:

Handful Frozen Strawberries

½ cup frozen blackberries

½ cup blueberries

Protein Powder, Milk or juice (juice is very sugary so I would recommend milk)



½ cup Pineapple

½ cup frozen mango

Squeeze a little wedge of lime in there

Ice if you want it to be more like a milkshake



“The Siesta Key”

Half cup peaches

1/4 cup raspberries

¼ cup blackberries

Protein powder

Ice if needed, milk if creamier desired.

*if you are interested in a sweeter flavor invest in some agave nectar! Add a few squirts of that and you should be good.




Great healthy things you can add:

1.)    Any leafy greens, I prefer fresh ones because you are exposed to more nutrients.

2.)    Peanut butter or almond butter (it sweetens it up); I prefer the natural PB that you have to keep in the fridge because it doesn’t have the added sugar.

3.)    Chia seeds or goji (healthy toppings)

4.)    Experiment! You will find what you love the most and can stick with that.

5.)    Invest in straws…if you don’t really like the flavor it makes drinking it go by way faster!

6.)    Coconut oil is soooo good for you and tastes great as well, add it to your favorite smoothie and gain all the benefits of that.



Happy Eating (sipppin’) and exercising,




Tuesday March 19th, Food Log

Good Morning Healthy People!

Here is yesterday’s food log…


Breakfast= Egg whites plus hot sauce again (I’m so creative) + coffee and SF hazelnut sweetener

Snack: Raspberry Activia Light

Lunch: Black Bean Burger, no bun, cashews + granola bar + fresca

Snack: Cottage Cheese, SF Pudding (I had an oreo w/this –I know it’s sugar but I had such a craving for it so I let myself have a little to fight that craving and fight the urge in the future, baby steps)

Workout: Outside run with the Bf and Pup 🙂

Dinner: Homemade Lettuce Shrimp Wraps (will upload recipe soon)

I think it’s really important to keep a food journal especially when you are trying to lose weight. What’s even more important is that you should write down everything you have including that spoonful of PB, the finger lick of icing…etc, before you know it you will bring awareness to exactly what you are consuming. Knowledge is power people!

Happy Eating and exercising,




Monday March 18th…I <3 Food

Hello Healthy People,


Day #1 Monday’s Food Log:

9:30 am: Egg Whites with Hot Sauce (this is seriously so quick to make and a staple of mine in the morning.

11am: Pineapple 100 cal cottage cheese (IT TOOK ME FOREVER TO LIKE COTTAGE CHEESE…but I do now)

Noon: Salad with lots of veggies, avocado, piece of buckwheat bread and dressing on the side (I always do oil based dressings, nothing creamy)

3pm: Protein Bar (I prefer Vega–the vegan bars)

5:30–I did the Level two version of insanity cardio (yikes…but such a good workout!)

7pm: Morningstar Black Bean Burger and hot tea for dinner. A Sugar Free Jell-0 Pudding cup for dessert 🙂

ALSO REMEMBER TO DRINK at least 0.5 oz of water for each pound you weigh. I.e if you weigh 200lbs you should drink 100 oz of water a day–more if you are physically active…which you should be trying to be 🙂


Happy eating and exercising!




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Peanut Butter!

Hellllo Healthy People!!!

Happy Winesday. Hope you are currently sipping on some deep red and getting your antioxidants! How’s the challenge of the week going? Have you worked out with your mom, someone who will be a future mom or a lady in your life?? Jump on it! Did you know that it is also women’s health week (what a coincidence….)

Anyways tonight’s post is about one of my all time favorite things.

…Peanut Butter.

It is soooo good on everything including a spoon.

Me when I’ve had too much but want more…










But what’s so great about peanut butter…and I’m most definitely referring to the natural stuff (not “natural” JIF) but rather the stuff that says Ingredients: Peanuts. Or maybe even some salt. But that is it!!!…is all the different ways to use it (that are healthy.)

Peanut butter is a great way to get protein (nuts in general are ways that vegans & vegetarians can get the protein they need!)

Where to add peanut butter???

1.) On a spoon, naturally.

2.) Slice of bread.

3.) Apple Slices!

4.) Celery Sticks (with raisins = ants on a log, perfect for the kiddos!)

5.) Add it to your spicy stir fry…it sweetens it up!

6.) Whole wheat crackers and a glass of almond milk…

7.) On pancakes!!! and belgian waffles!

8.) As a marinade with cayenne pepper and a little bit of water!

9.) on a banana…probably one of my favorite snacks!!!

10.) Add to smoothies!!

11.) Inside cookies??? Have you tried my Earth Cookie Recipe?

12.) SOOO good as a dessert, make little balls of peanut butter and dip in powder sugar or chocolate!

13.) spread on a piece of dark chocolate!

14.) Swirled into your morning oatmeal? Yum.

15.) If all else fails…dip your clean finger and lick away!



If you don’t like peanut butter or are interested in alternatives…try almond or cashew. They all have a little different taste so definitely experiment!

So get creative!! Peanut butter in moderation is not only good for you it’s yummy!

Plus…kids love it!

Happy Eating and Exercising,



Breakfast > All other meals.

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day and therefore breakfast foods can be consumed at any point throughout the day… Breakfast for dinner anyone?  In the morning however, it is also substantially one of the most important meals because you are essentially breaking the fast. Waking up your metabolism and preparing for the day. If you skip breakfast you are more likely to have cravings and eat unhealthy throughout the day.

So this whole vegan thing is realllllly changing me. I’ve read a few books on it, watched a few documentaries and as my personal experience can confirm it is definitely challenging. But is it worth it? Almost two weeks into the process and I would say…yes.

I know in the beginning of the experiment I was almost pained by the difficulties of becoming a vegan.  I was naive in assuming it wouldn’t be that large of a change between being a vegetarian to a vegan (I mean we already both ate lots of tofu)… I even posted how ridiculous it is to confine yourself to something so restrictive.  But after educating myself on a lot of different issues I find myself leaning towards the vegan lifestyle completely. I mean we as humans are the only species that drinks another animals milk? weird huh.


Well anyways here are my top ten VEGAN Breakfast foods:


1.) Irish Style Steel Cut Oatmeal topped with berries and agave syrup

2.) Cereal (I prefer Hearty Bran) with Unsweetened Non-Dairy Milk (I love unsweeted vanilla almond milk)

3.) Amy’s Brand Tofu Scramble-doesn’t taste like eggs but it’s good!

4.) Breakfast Burrito sans eggs, WW tortilla with black beans and veggies.

5.) Green Power Smoothie with Soy Protein instead of designer whey

6.) Vegan Pancakes: Apparently (Haven’t tried this yet) You can replace each egg with 1 T ground flaxseeds and 2 T water, and sub soymilk with a little bit of cider vinegar for the buttermilk.  Instead of all white flour I recommend subbing half for whole wheat and always topping with some fruit!

7.) Fruit Salad! All your favorite fruits. Sprinkle some Truvia (stevia naural sweetener) if you need some extra sweetness.

8.) Frozen Vegan Waffles! I like the Van’s Lite or Blueberry Kinds

9.) Soy Yogurt (check the labels, some have milk products, I prefer Silk in Raspberry)

10.) Vegan Breakfast Bar (when you’re on the go!)


So now that you have a few breakfast options, maybe think about incorporating more Vegan meals into your everyday routine. You too might find some benefits in veganism, one bite at a time.




Happpy eating!!!



P.S. Monday starts a new fitness challenge of the week, make sure you are keeping up with this week’s parking as far away as possible from any place you drive to! (ie grocery store)

Which came first the chicken or the egg?

Good morning blogging world! Sorry I missed posting the last two days…school and work caught up to me after the birthday weekend.  Do you ever feel like you don’t have enough time? That’s one of the most popular excuses for not eating healthy. But my friends, food can be fast and STILL healthy! It’s all about preparing and planning. When I know I have a difficult or busy week ahead I plan accordingly. One of my favorite quick meals on the run is mini crustless egg white quiches!  I make them Sunday and they usually last me the entire week when I freeze them.

Below will be a recipe I use, however, I’m not a carnivore so you can experiment if you want to add meat…although challenge yourself to eliminate as much meat as you can from your diet. The health benefits of eating more of a Mediterranean style diet have been shown to have an enormous impact on our health (and will be written about in a post soon after this one)!



1.) Any veggies in your fridge/kitchen…I prefer spinach, broccoli, onions…

2.) 3 Organic Eggs

3.) 3-4 Egg Whites

4.) SUN DRIED TOMATOES (seriously though, a Jess Squared tradition, makes a great addition to any meal)

5.) Non-fat or low fat cheddar cheese

6.) Cooking spray

7.) Seasoning (salt, pepper, caynne)

8.) Non-fat plain organic greek yogurt


Begin by preheating the oven to 375 degrees

Spray the muffin tin really well with non stick cooking spray

Crack the eggs in a bowl and add the egg whites, whisk

Add 1-2 scoops of plain greek yogurt, this serves to give it a little creaminess, very nice addition!

In the egg mixture while whisking add some salt and pepper

Pour just a little bit of the mixture into the tins about 1/3 full

Add the veggies sparingly into each tin

Cover with the egg mixture to fill the tin about 3/4 full

Place in the oven for about 20 minutes, quickly open up oven sprinkle cheese and press sun dried tomatoes into the tops of the quiches

Bake for another 7-11 minutes, the tops should be puffed and possibly starting to brown (adjust accordingly)

Place on a wire rack to cool or aluminum foil/wax paper

EAT UP! Or do what I do and put in a freezer ziploc bag and store in freezer once they have cooled. You will be able to heat in the microwave throughout the week for 30 seconds or so, adjust according to preference. Importantly to note the quiches absorb water so you will want to press a paper towel into it to remove the water. Drizzle siracha (spicy thai sauce) onto it for additonal spiciness! Great snack or have 2-3 for a quick meal!

Also, a great hors d’oeuvres option!

Hope it’s egggselent!

“Omelet you finish”

Omelets. Pure satisfaction. You have your veggies, your meats (for all the carnivores out thurr), protein, spiciness and mhmm the best way to start the mornings.  Rather than pouring a bowl of sugary cereal, toasting some eggggoo waffles that will give you diabetes within the year…take the 5 extra minutes to make an omelet and feel satisfied for the rest of the day. Studies have shown that what you eat in the mornings is a determining factor in what you eat later that day, so start smart with some EGGS!

I like to start with gathering my ingredients.

which came first the egg or the egg white?

Then I add whatever veggies are on sale at the grocery store or whatever is in my fridge!

I prefer using egg whites only because it is healthier for you but sometimes I do half and half with a regular egg. Make sure to spray pam on your pan before heating. I begin heating the pan to med high heat so eggs cook when on it but right before I pour eggs I turn the heat to med-low.

Give it a second to cook then add the insides of the omelet…

I like to season as I go…so many options here don’t forget to get creative with cayenne, paprika, ground pepper, basil etc…

when you’re ready flip it on its side:

Flip it over only once or twice to keep it fluffy. Then serve!

I prefer to serve it with Siracha (a spicy thai sauce) that I drizzle on the side to give it just a little bit of a kick.

P.s. whoever said Omelets can only be served for breakfast was unaware of Breakfast for Dinner. This is good for ANY meal of the day!

Mhmm, taste so good! and healthy! Enjoy 🙂