You’ve got a friend in me.

Hello Healthy People,

Have you ever used any of these?



I don’t feel so well today.

My ankle hurts.

I worked out so much yesterday.

I need a break.

I look pretty good, I guess.

No time today.

I just ate and don’t want to get sick.

I will go tomorrow.

I start on Mondays only.

I’ll workout tonight. (And then it turns into tomorrow and the next day…)

Today is my cheat day.

If I am craving ice cream…it means my body needs it right?



A workout buddy.


My mom is probably the best workout buddy there is…her friends will text her and be like “i didn’t fall asleep until 3am last night and only slept for 3 hours…” and her response “wow, guess our morning walk will be a great energizer for you” and nevertheless they end up doing their daily 4-5 mile walk/run–AND they are happy they did it.


It’s good to have a partner in crime to work out with because they hold you accountable.

Maybe a little friendly competition to push yourself. Or just someone that will show up to the Zumba class with you and equally make fun of your talented dance moves or lack thereof. Sometimes it’s just helpful to have someone to share in the soreness.

This is why group fitness classes are one of my favorite ways to work out–they push you and everyone is equally working hard.

My best friend Keala and I instructing a class together at JMU. One of my favorite workout buddies!

My best friend Keala and I instructing a class together at JMU. One of my favorite workout buddies!

So grab a workout buddy and plan 2-3 times a week you guys get together to take a hot yoga class, run around the neighborhood, or venture into the weight room together.


You will have fun, love the endorphins, and become more fit!!


Happy eating and exercising,





Whatcha think about CrossFit?

Hey Healthy People!!!

Crossfit is gaining popularity! I made a video with a few thoughts about what it is and if it’s worth it. Maybe try it out someday!! The website is….

Please enjoy my no makeup, post workout hotnesss wooot (sarcasssssm):

Soo…the point is…Crossfit is a challenging workout, but it is also a fun and new exercise trend that’s going on. Will you see results? of course. This is a great way to change up your daily routine AND for the most part it’s cheap!

If you give it a try a couple times (I always say 3 is the magic number) and hate it still, it’s not for you! And that’s perfectly alright 🙂 I hope I was able to answer some questions! Good luck.

BUT SOMETHING VERY IMPORTANT: Crossfit is also known for causing a LOT of injuries. I want to make sure you are doing every exercise safe and effectively which is why a trainer at a gym would be the first step in starting a plan like this. Be careful and listen to your body, because this could quite easily be a recipe for disaster.

Happy eating and exercising,



P.S…I just found out the other day that there’s a crossfit for kids as well!!! Get your children moving either way so they have a health mindset their entire lives!!!