When I’m teaching Spin…and the Mic is in my face

And I keep babbling and say something ridiculous like:

To try to motivate the class…

But then I think to myself:

And somehow the entire class is like:


Motivation Monday, and Some Bittersweet News

HELLLO Healthy People!!!

Today I found out I have to pick up my Cap & Gown for Graduation… which made me feel like this:

No way!! Excited

But then I realized I only have one month left at JMU…

Best four years of my life!

So then I realized I’m really going to miss this place:

One month left =(

I guess there’s always a bittersweet feeling when any change occurs in your life. Although I’m excited to start my new job and become a real person, James Madison University will always be in my heart. Here I met most of my best friends, shared some of the most amazing experiences of my life, and really found who I am and what I’m passionate about. I will never be able to thank the people at this University enough for how incredible they are and were during my college career. I will miss this place a lot…I hope my children choose to go here someday!

TODAY is Motivation Monday and therefore I am presenting you with your FITNESS CHALLENGE of the week!!!

Can you handle it??

PLANKS! Your challenge is before bed EVERY night… 30second to 1 minute planks.

1.) Full Plank or Modified

2.) Side Plank (repeat both R and L):

And lastly: Reverse Plank

The Challenge is to each night before you go to bed hold each of these planks for 30 sec-1 minute…and repeat two or three times! If you can do this…which you can…your abs will definitely be feeling it this week!!!!

Happy eating and exercising!