You’ve got a friend in me.

Hello Healthy People,

Have you ever used any of these?



I don’t feel so well today.

My ankle hurts.

I worked out so much yesterday.

I need a break.

I look pretty good, I guess.

No time today.

I just ate and don’t want to get sick.

I will go tomorrow.

I start on Mondays only.

I’ll workout tonight. (And then it turns into tomorrow and the next day…)

Today is my cheat day.

If I am craving ice cream…it means my body needs it right?



A workout buddy.


My mom is probably the best workout buddy there is…her friends will text her and be like “i didn’t fall asleep until 3am last night and only slept for 3 hours…” and her response “wow, guess our morning walk will be a great energizer for you” and nevertheless they end up doing their daily 4-5 mile walk/run–AND they are happy they did it.


It’s good to have a partner in crime to work out with because they hold you accountable.

Maybe a little friendly competition to push yourself. Or just someone that will show up to the Zumba class with you and equally make fun of your talented dance moves or lack thereof. Sometimes it’s just helpful to have someone to share in the soreness.

This is why group fitness classes are one of my favorite ways to work out–they push you and everyone is equally working hard.

My best friend Keala and I instructing a class together at JMU. One of my favorite workout buddies!

My best friend Keala and I instructing a class together at JMU. One of my favorite workout buddies!

So grab a workout buddy and plan 2-3 times a week you guys get together to take a hot yoga class, run around the neighborhood, or venture into the weight room together.


You will have fun, love the endorphins, and become more fit!!


Happy eating and exercising,






Hello Healthy People!!!

No not Bach the composer, I just wanted you to hear my voice/emotion. Seriously though I am finally back to the blogging world.

I have to say thank you to Lightpaw for emailing me some reassuring words, I haven’t been that into blogging since post college life, but am ready to begin again…

I now am officially moved in to Florida…and working three jobs!!!! I guess I tend to be a go getter after all.

My main job is prettttty freaking awesome. I teach yoga to the public and to elite amateur and professional athletes.  We also used weighted yoga balls between 4 and 5 pounds to increase the intensity to our practice.  Nothing makes me more proud of yoga when a football player who can squat in the 500’s and bench a small elephant comes up the yoga studio and recognizes how difficult and challenging yoga really is.

Sometimes they even look like this:

But in all honestly the coolest thing about it all is seeing the improvements in participants abilities. The East County Observer, a publication in the area, came to interview me about our program…if you would like to check that out click here. It’s great to see the athletes response to their bodies after a class. They are improving each session and it is truly a game of mind over matter.


I also teach group fitness classes at two different gyms, one is associated with Sarasota Memorial Hospital, which I have found is just a wonderful place to be a part of.  After a spin class one day a woman came up to me and said I should consider selling shirts that say “I survived Jess’s SPIN”

…made my day.



So I want to catch you all up on my fitness oriented new world post grad, I also had a few ideas for posts a while back I will write about too.  Videos are soon to come especially because I got a puppy 🙂 Say hello to Mr. Finley Jack



But now I must leave to teach power yoga! Woo, namaste my friends.

Happy eating and exercising!!!






Hey Healthy People!

Tonight I taught both Power Yoga and 20/20/20. Since I have already posted a few times about power yoga I thought I’d introduce you to 20/20/20…one of my favorite classes to teach!

I’m not going to lie…it was a pretty intense class. I mean I assumed participants are there to get a good workout in and be pushed compared to what they would be able to do on their own but still maintain proper safety and form…so I pushed the limits. Even I am extremely sore from the plyometric workout portions of athletic conditioning…some participants might have felt like this at some point:

HAHA…just kidding kind of. But a lot of them took the opportunity to take a few seconds break during the exercises to regain the necessary energy or fuel to continue and maintain form for the duration of the exercise…this is an important element to consider in your own workouts or group fitness classes. Make sure you are never feeling pain or too much discomfort because you most likely are sacrificing proper form. Never be afraid to ask the instructor for some hands on corrections or feedback…before, during or after class!

20/20/20 incorporates two twenty minute segments of cardio followed by a final twenty minutes of sculpt.  It gives the instructor the opportunity to really individualize the class to their desire. So I chose Kickboxing, Athletic Conditioning and Body Sculpt.  Other classes I have taught step, boxing, zumba, plyometrics and cardio dance party for the cardio part and sculpt I have done core, Pilates and sculpt with a focus such as lower or upper body.

We always begin with a low-impact warmup, and spinal rotation to warm up the back.

Kickboxing Combo: If you’re an instructor you will understand the lingo, feel free to use in your cardio kickboxing class!

Jab Jab Cross, 2 Jumping Jacks

Power Bag Shuffle (to the R to begin)

2 Hitch Kicks forward

2 Back Kicks

Jump Rope, switch to other side

(Transition right into other side–connecting R and L)

Athletic Conditioning

Circuit workout: 5 stations with 5 people at each station (60 seconds at each station, 15 seconds to transition)

1.)Round 1: Cone Drills; Round 2: Heismann, Jump cone to cone

2.)Round 1: Burpees; Round 2: Ladder Drills

3.)Round 1: Suicides; Round 2: Frogger Jumps…basically leap to the cone as far as possible, both legs starting and landing together. Land softly bending knees trying to be quiet so your knees don’t get too much impact.

4.)Round 1: Jump Rope; Round 2: Power Jacks, similar to power squats

5.)Round 1: Wall Sits; Round 2: Plie Squats with Med Ball

End with a Relay Race: Sprint to cones, 10 burpees, run back. Winner gets water first!

Sculpt (Grab heavy Body Bar, mat, resistance band)

1.) Bicep curls with bar, bring right hand to center of bar, left hand resting on side of bar to increase tension. Play with counts, up for 3 down 1.

2.) Serve the platter out and in. Remember breath, exhaling as you push out.

3.) Upward Rows, think about kissing your body on the way up, add a squat here.

4.) Change this to upward row, push out on top and lower for two. Change directions.

5.) Lunges with bar on shouders

6.) Tricep Pilates pushups on ground

7.) Regular Push ups (give modifications)

8.) Skull crushers to work triceps again

9.) Pilates half roll back isometric hold

10.) Stand up, bands for shoulders

11.) Outer legs with bands, step on band and step R and L

12.) Inner thighs lying on mat, use bar to add tension

13.) End with crunches, and back extensions.


and of course make sure you are keeping up with the challenge of the week, no sugar!!!!!!

With such an intense workout…seriously I’m so sore from teaching it…make sure you are having a healthy dinner to give your muscles the needed nutrients to recover and grow stronger and leaner!

Happy Eating and Exercising!



P.S. I just want to have a shout out to all of my readers. You guys are seriously fantastic. Yesterday the blog reached over 5,000 views which to me seems incredible. Please remember to “Like” my facebook page here and tell your friends too!!! You can now be the motivation to others to lead a more balanced and healthy life! Good luck 🙂