Shake Shake Shake, ya smoothie.

Hello Healthy people!!!


When the weather gets warmer–you know it is time to break out the blender for Margarit—I mean SMOOTHIES!

I created some tasty recipes that might satisfy that sweet tooth, while getting those nutrients!


GREEN BOOST aka the best for you:

1 cup kale

1 cup spinach

½ banana (peel and chop up to put in freezer)-Frozen fruit always works a little better

Protein Powder

Some milk so it blends well.

If you use frozen fruit you probably won’t need ice.


Mixed Berry:

Handful Frozen Strawberries

½ cup frozen blackberries

½ cup blueberries

Protein Powder, Milk or juice (juice is very sugary so I would recommend milk)



½ cup Pineapple

½ cup frozen mango

Squeeze a little wedge of lime in there

Ice if you want it to be more like a milkshake



“The Siesta Key”

Half cup peaches

1/4 cup raspberries

¼ cup blackberries

Protein powder

Ice if needed, milk if creamier desired.

*if you are interested in a sweeter flavor invest in some agave nectar! Add a few squirts of that and you should be good.




Great healthy things you can add:

1.)    Any leafy greens, I prefer fresh ones because you are exposed to more nutrients.

2.)    Peanut butter or almond butter (it sweetens it up); I prefer the natural PB that you have to keep in the fridge because it doesn’t have the added sugar.

3.)    Chia seeds or goji (healthy toppings)

4.)    Experiment! You will find what you love the most and can stick with that.

5.)    Invest in straws…if you don’t really like the flavor it makes drinking it go by way faster!

6.)    Coconut oil is soooo good for you and tastes great as well, add it to your favorite smoothie and gain all the benefits of that.



Happy Eating (sipppin’) and exercising,



Boston Marathon

Hello healthy people,


It is a sad day to be writing to you about the bombings in Boston just yesterday.  Nuts to know how much these runners prepared, how excited their friends and family were to spectate–all to end in pandemonium. Nothing shines brighter than the volunteers and serviceman who risked their lives to help the people affected.

My thoughts are with those who were lost yesterday and anyone affected by these events.

Nothing is more powerful than the slogan growing popular “the good outnumber you.”



Check out this Today News article for more information:



Don’t let fear consume your adventures in health and fitness. Run…be free and happy. We live in a great nation–and the good definitely outnumber the bad.


Happy eating and exercising,




You’ve got a friend in me.

Hello Healthy People,

Have you ever used any of these?



I don’t feel so well today.

My ankle hurts.

I worked out so much yesterday.

I need a break.

I look pretty good, I guess.

No time today.

I just ate and don’t want to get sick.

I will go tomorrow.

I start on Mondays only.

I’ll workout tonight. (And then it turns into tomorrow and the next day…)

Today is my cheat day.

If I am craving ice cream…it means my body needs it right?



A workout buddy.


My mom is probably the best workout buddy there is…her friends will text her and be like “i didn’t fall asleep until 3am last night and only slept for 3 hours…” and her response “wow, guess our morning walk will be a great energizer for you” and nevertheless they end up doing their daily 4-5 mile walk/run–AND they are happy they did it.


It’s good to have a partner in crime to work out with because they hold you accountable.

Maybe a little friendly competition to push yourself. Or just someone that will show up to the Zumba class with you and equally make fun of your talented dance moves or lack thereof. Sometimes it’s just helpful to have someone to share in the soreness.

This is why group fitness classes are one of my favorite ways to work out–they push you and everyone is equally working hard.

My best friend Keala and I instructing a class together at JMU. One of my favorite workout buddies!

My best friend Keala and I instructing a class together at JMU. One of my favorite workout buddies!

So grab a workout buddy and plan 2-3 times a week you guys get together to take a hot yoga class, run around the neighborhood, or venture into the weight room together.


You will have fun, love the endorphins, and become more fit!!


Happy eating and exercising,





Hello Healthy People!!!

No not Bach the composer, I just wanted you to hear my voice/emotion. Seriously though I am finally back to the blogging world.

I have to say thank you to Lightpaw for emailing me some reassuring words, I haven’t been that into blogging since post college life, but am ready to begin again…

I now am officially moved in to Florida…and working three jobs!!!! I guess I tend to be a go getter after all.

My main job is prettttty freaking awesome. I teach yoga to the public and to elite amateur and professional athletes.  We also used weighted yoga balls between 4 and 5 pounds to increase the intensity to our practice.  Nothing makes me more proud of yoga when a football player who can squat in the 500’s and bench a small elephant comes up the yoga studio and recognizes how difficult and challenging yoga really is.

Sometimes they even look like this:

But in all honestly the coolest thing about it all is seeing the improvements in participants abilities. The East County Observer, a publication in the area, came to interview me about our program…if you would like to check that out click here. It’s great to see the athletes response to their bodies after a class. They are improving each session and it is truly a game of mind over matter.


I also teach group fitness classes at two different gyms, one is associated with Sarasota Memorial Hospital, which I have found is just a wonderful place to be a part of.  After a spin class one day a woman came up to me and said I should consider selling shirts that say “I survived Jess’s SPIN”

…made my day.



So I want to catch you all up on my fitness oriented new world post grad, I also had a few ideas for posts a while back I will write about too.  Videos are soon to come especially because I got a puppy 🙂 Say hello to Mr. Finley Jack



But now I must leave to teach power yoga! Woo, namaste my friends.

Happy eating and exercising!!!





Floridian back in Florida..leg workout and challenge of the week!

Hey Healthy People!!!

SO…the last few days have been spent packing up my place in Virginia and driving 20 hours to not only Nags Head in the OBX to spend some time with some awesome friends (and fit in my first flat run in months).  Then about 11 hours to visit a cousin in Jacksonville where I got to go to the TPC golf tournament. Then about 4 more hours back home to the west coast.

I know you were probably like this…waiting for my next post:


Graduation was an awesome celebration.  And I am SOOOO thankful to begin work at Athletic Edge in Lakewood Ranch, FL (Have you checked it out yet?)

It seemed like the graduating class the year before was a lot more like this:

But it seems that almost all of my friends have graduated with awesome jobs to begin their adventures post college!  So kudos to them and everyone who has worked so hard and believes in their dreams. You gotta work hard to become successful in ever aspect of your life whether it’s health and fitness, financially or even spiritually/emotionally! Be happy, because life is so short!

Now that I’m finally moved back home to Florida I cannot wait to start blogging about the awesome activities to do here and new and fun exercises I learn at my new job.

This week’s challenge (I know it’s Tuesday but bear with meee) is in honor of Mother’s Day on Sunday.  The challenge is to get your mom, your friend’s mom, a future mom, or some lady to work out with you! Anything works, go for a walk, hike a mountain, take a cycle class…just get moving!!!

LEG WORKOUT Routine to try this week:


With weights resting on your shoulders, feet a little wider than hip width apart, toes and knees pointed forward (weight in the heels)…squat counting slowly at first:

1.) Begin counting down for 2 up for 2 (4 times)

2.) 8 Single Squats

3.) Change it count down for 3 counts up for 1 (3-2-1 up 1)…4 times, reverse and do down one up for three.

4.) 8 regular singles


Then work your way into lunges by sticking your right leg up and left back making sure knee never goes passed your front toe and imagining a string is pulling you up and down not parallel to the ground. Weights on your shoulders in an option

1.) Perform the same exact counts that we did with the squats on both the Right lead and the Left lead.

2.) BUT in between switching legs go back and re run through the squat routine.

Back to squats after finished with opposite leg!

1.) Re run through the squat counts.

Things to keep in mind?

Squeeze your glutes as you come up on both squats and lunges. Tighten your belly button to the back of your spine. On lunges weight is evenly distributed between your feet. On both exercises make sure  your knees are never passed your toes (fron leg on lunges…check yourself in a mirror it’s a great help)! And remember weights only add to the intensity. If new to these exercises try it with just the change in the counts.

Want to make it a little more intense?

On the lunges when you are performing 8 single lunges add a knee to chest by lunging down and as you rise your back leg comes up and your knee goes into your chest balancing on your leading leg!!!

Hope you all have had an amazing last couple of days and celebrations with the women in your life for Mother’s Day.

I know I wouldn’t be who I am today without my momma ❤

Happy Eating and Exercising!



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47 pages later…and Fitness Challenge of the week 4/29

Hellllo Healthy People,


So sorry I’ve been MIA the past few days…I finished my CAPSTONE senior seminar paper…

47 pages. Longest and most challenging paper of my academic career.


I never want to write another paper again. But oh wait I have a 15 page Gandhi paper due tomorrow. 2 Finals this week holding me back from finishing my undergraduate career. Seems wild to me how fast this time has passed.

So I’m going to cut right to the chase. This week is your new challenge: be an inspiration.

I challenge you to motivate someone you know a family member, friend, significant other…that doesn’t typically exercise to join you on a workout. Ideas?

1.) Invite them for a walk with your dog

2.) Search online for free gym day passes and take your friend.

3.) Try out a new hot yoga studio in your area with your sister.

4.) Go on a hike with your boyfriend.

5.) Play tennis with a best friend!

6.) See if there are any walk/run races this week in your community!

7.) Tanning on the beach? Ask your mom to go for a long walk with you and seashell hunt!

8.) Encourage your Dad to walk the entire golf course instead of take a golf cart!

9.) Get in the pool and play with your kids! Make sure you all are getting your heart rate up with water basketball or laps! Try playing tag in the water!

10.) Play a game of pick up basketball with your brother!


So this week you are the motivator. If you can do this once this week you’re on point…buuuuut maybe think about challenging yourself to 3 or 4 times with different people.  Obviously you don’t want to pressure anyone but just invite them to try something new with you. You might be the reason they catch the bug to start leading a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle! YOU can be the change 🙂



I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. You’ll be hearing from me soon hopefully! ALMOST DONE WITH COLLEGE, wish me luck!


Happy eating and exercising,





Garlic White Wine Sauce (Vegan meal and Vegetarian Versions)!

Happpy WINES-day Healthy People!!!

I hope you had a wonderful Hump Day so far…Today inspired me to create a new recipe for both vegans or vegetarians and/or anyone who likes tasty good food!

WINE. Wein. Vino. вино. 酒. نبيذ. vin. wino. vang.

No matter what language you say it in, wine still tastes just as good 🙂

So tonight I decided to make whole wheat pasta with steamed broccoli and a garlic white wine sauce with pine nuts, the vegetarian version adds goat cheese!

Let’s Cook

To begin, set up your pasta and boil it.

Wash and rinse your organic broccoli and put it in a steamer of some sort (you can always microwave if you need to!)

mhmmm Broccoli!!!

Then start to make your sauce by getting a large sauté pan. MOST recipes say put in like a ridiculous amount of butter….

And since I wanted to make a vegan version of this/ I’m not a fan of butter I chose the following ingredients:

1.) Olive Oil

2.) White Wine

3.) Garlic

4.) Pine Nuts

5.) Almond Milk

6.) Basil

7.) Salt and Pepper

8.) Flour

early stages of sauce making...

So here’s the plan. I turned the burner on med high heat to begin drizzled some olive oil into the pan (maybe 1 tsp) and added 1 tbsp Garlic.

Coated the pan with the mixture, swirling it around.

Reduced Heat to Medium

Added 1 Cup of White Wine, I chose Chardonnay because I had it in my fridge…

Using a whisk, whisk it all up together.

Start to add seasonings, I had the salt and pepper grinders and would add as I went so it infused with the flavors.

I added 1/4 cup of pine nuts (this is for protein for all the vegans out there)

As I whisked I added about 1/8 cup more of olive oil, give or take…you don’t want it to be too oily because that’s fats although healthy fats you want to be aware of the amount!

Add more minced fresh garlic! I added a looottt because I love the flavors together. Up to you but I added about a tbsp more.

….might’ve added a little bit more wine…. (shhhh)

Then I reduced the heat to medium low and whisked in about 1/4 cup of unsweetened vanilla almond milk (because that’s what I had, I’m sure the regular one would work just as well)

As I was whisking I sprinkled in about a tsp of flour to thicken it a little bit, but remember this is an oil base dressing like sauce so it’s not going to be thick.

I kept the heat on low and added the broccoli to the mixture soaking up the flavors. Once the pasta was cooked I added that too and swirled around.

Put it on a plate, poured a glass of wine and added a little bit more ground pepper.

Bon Appetit!


I decided since I’ve been craving goat cheese lately (I know weird, esp with this vegan thing…) I would make an exception and add some to this dish. IT was sooo delicious. I planned on adding sundried tomatoes but realized I didn’t have any at home… 😦 but next time I would definitely add them or even roasted red peppers. This dish can be enjoyed hot or cold which is great to make the night before and have for lunch the next day #winning !

So I hope you can enjoy this dish someday, always feel free to make it yours with different ingredients–that’s what I love about cooking: it’s like art and you are the artiiist!

Happy Eating and Exercising,