(hu)man’s best friend

Good Morning Healthy people!!!

Hopefully today will again be a beautiful day in the DC Metro area. Yesterday was the first day it actually felt like spring–so of course I convinced my boyfriend to go running outside with me (my absolute favorite thing to do when it’s nice out because a) it’s nice out b) we all need some vitamin D and c) The couple that works out together, stays together!)


“Dog: the only creature on Earth who loves you more than himself”

^^ SO TRUE, I love dogs.

Anyways, there’s a trail that runs from Leesburg, VA all the way to DC so we decided to take the pup for a ride and find the trail close to our house.

Finley is just about a year old now (in 2 weeks!) and loves to be active…buuuuut, he has never gone for a 3+ mile run outside. So this was quite the experience.

k with fin 2

Dogs are a great way to stay active or become more active if you are sedentary. Bottom line is they need to go out. That might be the sole reason you get off the couch to walk them around the block and before you know it you’re getting back into shape too! Not only that, dogs are definitely the best companions ever. I wouldn’t trade our dog for the world; he’s the best!

After 2-3 miles in Finley is completely exhausted. I was on such an endorphin rush from the weather and the run that I wanted to push on for another couple of miles or so but we knew he had to go home.

So home we went.

sleepy fin

An exhausted pup…

If you were considering looking for a pet in the future I would recommend adopting an active breed to help you in your pursuit of health and fitness! Here’s a link to find pet shelters in your area, click here.

Get up and get running! Try to enjoy the beautiful spring weather before the heat of summer comes.

Happy eating and exercising,



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You’ve got a friend in me.

Hello Healthy People,

Have you ever used any of these?



I don’t feel so well today.

My ankle hurts.

I worked out so much yesterday.

I need a break.

I look pretty good, I guess.

No time today.

I just ate and don’t want to get sick.

I will go tomorrow.

I start on Mondays only.

I’ll workout tonight. (And then it turns into tomorrow and the next day…)

Today is my cheat day.

If I am craving ice cream…it means my body needs it right?



A workout buddy.


My mom is probably the best workout buddy there is…her friends will text her and be like “i didn’t fall asleep until 3am last night and only slept for 3 hours…” and her response “wow, guess our morning walk will be a great energizer for you” and nevertheless they end up doing their daily 4-5 mile walk/run–AND they are happy they did it.


It’s good to have a partner in crime to work out with because they hold you accountable.

Maybe a little friendly competition to push yourself. Or just someone that will show up to the Zumba class with you and equally make fun of your talented dance moves or lack thereof. Sometimes it’s just helpful to have someone to share in the soreness.

This is why group fitness classes are one of my favorite ways to work out–they push you and everyone is equally working hard.

My best friend Keala and I instructing a class together at JMU. One of my favorite workout buddies!

My best friend Keala and I instructing a class together at JMU. One of my favorite workout buddies!

So grab a workout buddy and plan 2-3 times a week you guys get together to take a hot yoga class, run around the neighborhood, or venture into the weight room together.


You will have fun, love the endorphins, and become more fit!!


Happy eating and exercising,




I’m an adult. Whoa.

Helllllo Healthy People!!!!

How is the challenge of the week going??? Have you tried to juice yet? My favorite recipe has an organic apple, kale, spinach, piece of ginger root, wedge of lime, and a beet! If you experiment you just might find that you have a favorite too!

So since graduation on May 5th I began my brand new job at Athletic Edge in Lakewood Ranch, FL which I absolutely LOVE. It’s sometimes funny to watch the intensity downstairs in the strengthening and conditioning area. They look like this:

I am upstairs with the yoga and group fitness studio. Along with my own desk to do marketing and administrative work. All in all, I love it and the people I work with are awesome.

But…of course I can’t just have one job. So I applied at a spinning studio called GoLegs and a fitness center called Sarasota Memorial Healthplex.  I got the job at both places!!! So I technically have 3 jobs now woo. Busy bee.

My first big girl purchase now that I am officially in the real world (cue Matchbox Twenty music…) was of course…my slot in the Walt Disney World Marathon!!!! 26.2 Miles babyyy in January.

If you’re interested in signing up too here’s the website: http://espnwwos.disney.go.com/events/rundisney/wdw-marathon/index?page=walt-disney-world-marathon

Walt Disney World® Marathon Weekend presented by Cigna

Walt Disney World® Marathon presented by CIGNA

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Start/Finish: Epcot®

The Walt Disney World® Marathon presented by CIGNA is the final race of the weekend, where you will complete the most magical 26.2 miles on Earth. The course takes you through all four Walt Disney World® Theme Parks, starting at Epcot®, continuing on to the Magic Kingdom® Park, Disney’s Animal Kingdom® Park andDisney’s Hollywood Studios before an exhilarating finish back at Epcot®.

The Walt Disney World® Marathon will feature:

  • 26.2-mile course through all four Walt Disney World® Theme Parks
  • Disney Entertainment on-course
  • Event Weekend Transportation for Walt Disney World® Resort guests
  • Family Reunion Area with live entertainment and characters
  • Indulge and unwind at the Downtown Disney® After Party (Sunday evening)

It’s a fantastic course that takes you through the Disney Parks.  This was where I ran my first half marathon in January 2004 just shy of 14 years old. So my goal for a while has been to run a full marathon at the location of where my racing career began.  When you are a beginner marathoner I have heard the goal is to just FINISH. So technically….that’s my goal. Because if I finish I will seriously be the happiest girl ever.  But my secret (not so secret anymore….) goal is to complete it under 4:30…more so around 4 hours.  I have looked up several training schedules and wanted one that would progress in a long duration so I can add mileage slowly…so my knees wouldn’t get all angry with me.

This guy Jeff Galloway has been running “injury free” for forever and has a plan just for that. So it starts in about two weeks and I can’t wait. Check out his website. This was actually the trainer that Disney Recommends!!!


If you have never raced before or are new to running maybe plan a goal in the next 6 months to find a 5k or 10k in your area, look up a training plan online and get to it! Before you know it you will become addicted to racing!!! It is a wonderful experience and the energy and excitement is contagious!


Happy Eating and Exercising,



7am Cycle Fitness…Favorite class

GOOOOD Morning Healthy People!!!

When I teach morning spin classes… I have a 5:00 am wake up call… Something I actually volunteer for, call me nuts.

Even though I wanted to lay in bed like this…

I was ready to go and happy to give everyone a great morning workout. Here was the playlist we used:

1.) Boyfriend by Justin Bieber (don’t laugh this song is good lol)

2.) Jet Lag by Simple Plan feat. Natasha Bedingfield

3.) Where Have You Been? by Rihanna

4.) Rain Over Me by Pitbull feat. Marc Anthony

5.) Free by Graffiti6

6.) Lights (Bassnectar Remix) by Ellie Goulding

7.) Enough is Enough by Avicii

8.) Epic by Sandro Silva and Quintino

9.) Glad You Came by The Wanted

10.) Cinema (Skrillex Remix) by Benny Benassi

11.) What is Love? -Reloaded by Haddaway

12.) Show me Love (club mix) by Michael Mind

13.) Waiting for Tonight by Jennifer Lopez

14.) Drunk on You by Luke Bryan (favorite song right now, reminds me of summer)

15.) Come Away to the Water by Maroon 5 (aah the Hunger Games soundtrack….)

This playlist is great for running, cycling or working out in general!!!

Disclaimer: whatever you do please refrain from dancing like this:

It is Hump Day today so get your workout on. Remember to keep up with our no Sugar Challenge of the week and don’t forget to like my facebook page for extra motivators 🙂

Happy eating and exercising!



Moving Monday!

Happy Monday Healthy People!

I hope you are already off to a great start with your health challenge of the week 🙂

Monday’s are on the top of everyone’s shiiit list (excuse my french). But it’s true. After a relaxing weekend we are back to work or school, in the everyday routine of our natural existence. Making money, paying bills and somehow sleeping, eating, working out, socializing…etc etc. It’s a lot to handle which is why the weekend is so appreciated.

But we should stop looking at Monday’s as the bane of our existence. Instead…

…let’s make it MOVING MONDAY! The goal of Moving Monday will be to try an exercise you’ve never done before. If that means taking a group fitness class you have never done, trying out a new gym, doing your buddy’s workout routine, or buying a fitness video for an at home workout try it! This will aid in the muscle confusion of the body.

So what is muscle confusion??

Well…our bodies are pretty amazing. They have all of these secret talents that we are mostly unaware of. Just the simple process of respiration is incredible on a cellular and molecular level.

Muscle confusion operates under the philosophy that by incorporating different workouts into your fitness regimen, yet targeting the same muscle fibers–your body is forced to adapt and respond. This is how to get optimal results because our muscles tissues will get used to the same cycle of stress and movement. Growth/improvement outcomes are greatly reduced if you are consistently doing the same workout. So if you want results? Muscle confusion is the way! Both P90X and Insanity (Click here for more info about them) are based on this theory. Will be posting some more fitness exercises soon!!!

HAHA found this on pinterest!

So whatever you do today, try something new! Run a new trail you’ve never been on. Go for a longer bike ride. Hike a scenic spot. Swim in the ocean!

Just remember to have fun and be safe no matter what you’re doing!

Happy Eating and Exercising!



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Thanks 🙂

Health Challenge of the Week!

Hey Healthy People!!!

I hope you had a restful weekend and Happy Easter.  How many chocolate bunnies did you eat? haha just kidding! So I hope you got your needed sugar fix in this Easter because the fitness challenge of the week is…..

So this will be tough!!! You will have to say no to all desserts (choose fruit!!!). No cookies, sugar in coffee etc… Don’t go all Splenda on me eitherrr friends…that stuff isn’t good for you. Try Stevia!

Also if you haven’t already please go to my facebook page and “like” it/me!!! Wooo http://www.facebook.com/FITfloridian  I will be checking in this week to see how we’re all doing. And if you’re reading this blog now and it’s not Sunday night…No worries. You too can start this whole health nut thing and cleanse your body of sugar starting now. Give it a try for a week.  It will be hard at first but eventually become easier and easier as you gain control over your cravings. Don’t let sugar be the enemy!

What to do? Load up on the fruits and vegetables. Drink tons and tons of water! Remember this is basically a detox so the water will help cleanse your body! Drink herbal tea with stevia or just plain.  Have a cup of unsweetened vanilla almond milk to help satisfy those cravings. Also…check out my sugar free “Earth” cookies, but remember portion sizes (1-2 cookies/serving) YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!

Happy Eating and Exercising!





I’ve been on the hunt for new music lately. Sometimes you can have 4,000 songs in your library all of which you have heard 4,000 times it seems. (#firstworldproblems)?  So I have been trying to find music any place I can. I was sort of bored with the radio music because we are constantly hearing that in Spin classes, driving in the car and everywhere else. So an old friend said he would send me some new music…which I was pretty excited about since I enjoyed his music taste…

Once you purchase the songs…probably while you’re being distracted by this blog at the library do everything but this:



Here’s the list:

1.)  You’re Gonna Love Again by Nervo

2.) Calling (Lose my mind) by Sebastian Ingross and Alesso [Feat. Ryan Tedder]

3.) Epic by Sandro Silva and Quintino

4.) Loca People by Sak Noel

5.) Children by Jack Holiday & Mike Candys

6.) Tung by Denis Koyu

7.) Again and Again by Basto

8.) Can’t Stop Me Now by Afrojack and Shermanology

9.) Enough is Enough by Avicii

10.) You Just Don’t Love Me (Club mix) by David Morales and Jonathon Mendelsohn

And for a cool down I like:

1.) Climax by Usher

2.) Angel by Jack Johnson

3.) Shadow Days by John Mayer



Also, please refrain from dancing like this.



Happy exercising!



P.S. The fitness challenge of the week: 30 minutes of working out each day this week. Can you fit in 30? Just do it!

Participants are the beeezkneeez

Seriously. As a fitness instructor there is probably no better feeling than when participants come up to you to tell you they loved your class, ask when you’re teaching…etc etc etc.

It’s probably why we love our jobs so much. Well that and the endorphins aren’t so bad either!

–Also, if you are a participant never hesitate to approach your instructor and give helpful feedback. It can always help the instructors grow and I encourage it at the end of every class. So let them know if they rocked it or some areas you were confused about or didn’t enjoy!–

After this morning’s 11am Yogafit class I had a lot of participants come up to me after to thank me or ask when I’m teaching next and it was a great start of the day. One really sweet girl in particular wanted me to send her the playlist but I decided to post it on here anyways…so if you’re reading this…hope you like it! and thanks for coming to the class 🙂

It’s just a little different than the playlist I posted previously but here it is! Hope you like it.

Just a reminder–when creating your playlist (if you are the instructor) always be mindful of the population you are teaching to! This was something that was actually discussed at a presentation at the fitness conference led by JMU’s graduate assistant Brittany Guerin. Music is a great tool in your classes. Just make educated and logical decisions when utilizing it in creative ways.

Playlist Yogafit February 29th 2012

Question by The Old 97’s

On My Mind by Donavon Frakenreiter

Are You Lonesome Tonight by Elvis Presley

The Fear You Won’t Fall by Joshua Radin

I Won’t Give Up by Jason Mraz

Moonlight Sonata by Mozart

Stay With You by John Legend

Can’t Help Falling In Love by Ingrid Michaelson

In These Arms by The Swell Season

Skinny Love by Birdy

Keep Breathing by Ingrid Michaelson

When You’re Smiling by Lous Armstrong

To Build a Home by The Cinematic Orchestra

You’ll Be In My Heart by Glenn Close and Phil Collins

Have a Little Faith in Me by John Hiatt

Tears and Rain by James Blunt

Beautiful Day by U2

Somebody That I Used to Know by Gotye (this is one of my favorite songs right now)

I’ll Be Seeing You by Billie Holiday

I Will Follow You Into The Dark by Death Cab For Cutie




Alohaa online world.

Today I am officially twenty-two years old!


Since I was little I have always believed in the power of birthday wishes. I’m going to disregard the “don’t share it because it won’t come true” philosophy I had in my youth…because my wish concerns all of you!

So on this day my only wish is that you start to motivate others to live a healthy balanced life.

It isn’t too much to ask?

Just try to start cooking dates, recipe chains, inspire your children to choose fruit over candy and to be active! Anything little that will be preventative towards future diseases and increase our lifespan. Change starts with you…as Gandhi most famously said, “be the change you wish to see in the world.” And that my friends, is one of the most motivating lines I’ve ever heard.

Namaste and cheers to a long, healthy and happy life!

Me, Myself and I: No equipment necessary

I hate the gym.

Eww germs.

What do I do at the gym?

At home workouts are expensive.

Gym memberships are expensive.

I don’t have time.

I need to wash my hair.

THESE EXCUSES and more are what prevent people from getting the workout they NEED! But I’mma tell you a secret.


Seriously, all you need is about 15 minutes and you can fit in a great workout full of strength, cardio and plyometrics.

My friend Ashley and I tend to incorporate fitness into wherever we go…so on our hike at Crab Tree Falls, Virginia we decided to do some strengtheners:

Ashley performing Inclined Pushups on top of a Mountain

Me doing one-legged triceps dips

Side Planks!

So what is your excuse now? All you need is a space large enough for you move around in just a bit and yourself!

Quote from a Professor at James Madison University, “would you rather workout for 30 minutes a day or be dead for 24 hours a day?”

–He makes a great point.

Below is a workout that I think you will really enjoy:

Me Myself and I Workout #1

Warm Up: 1 minute of jogging in place, 1 minute of jumping jacks, 30 seconds high knees, 30 seconds butt kicks, 1 min jumping rope (just the motion, unless  you have a rope) [REPEAT]


1 Minute of Burpees (a burpee is when you jump in the air then put palms on the ground, kick legs back into a full plank, do a push up and then jump up high again)

{modified burpees: take out the push up, dont jump but rather just stand up tall}

1 Minute Plank {modification: on knees in a modified plank, making sure our belly buttons our tucked back towards the spine, head and gaze is down towards floor}

1 Minute Heismann (The motion is jumping side to side landing with one foot and opposite knee up towards chest but holding and really sticking the jump to emphasize balance and power)–think explosion.

1 Minute Mountain Climbers (these can be done standing up near a wall bring knees up in high knees with opposite arms overhead, or these can be performed on the ground. Emphasis is cardio here don’t forget to keep breathing)

30 seconds rest {keep standing up and feet moving}

1 minute of jumping squats (sit into a squat making sure knees aren’t going passed toes and weight is in the heels–then jump as high as you can clapping hands overhead, landing softly knees bent back into the squat)–power!

1 minute pushups (here doing as many as you possibly can in the minute time, aim to increase this every time–can be performed in the modified plank position or full–try starting in full if you can maintain proper form and then dropping into modified once you become fatigued)

1 minute of Jumping jacks or power jacks

1 minute of Tuck jumps (jump up as high as possible and bring your knees into chest, remembering to land softly with knees bent for impact)

1 minute of Walking Lunges {making sure knees are never going passed the big toes}

1 minute of Russian twists {sit in a boat position with feet on tippy toes, at 90 degree table top, or full pilates boat…exhale twist you hands to the R side and then the L, remember to breathe working the core muscles}

1 minute of Crunches {hands rested behind the head, no pressure on the neck, elbows shouldn’t be able to see in the peripheral vision, space for an orange in between that chin and chest, exhaling as you come up, inhaling on the way down}

1minute of lower back extensions (feet on ground, facing down on ground, gazing down, hands by forehead, lifting and lowering slowly)

1 minute Suicides

1 minute High knees

1 minute Butt kicks

Keep feet moving and rest and stretch or repeat 1 or more times! Always remembering to stretch at the end and that an effective stretch is held for at least 30 seconds