Manly Massage.

Helllllo Healthy People!!!

Happy Weekend…so I have been seeing my physical therapist on the reg lately for my malfunctioning ankle (anyone willing to donate a new one?)… and he suggested after “analyzing” my back which was really an awkward back rub …that I should definitely go get a massage. Deep tissue. Hot stone. The works.

Now lemme tell you a little something something… I don’t have enough time to sleep let alone dedicate time to get a massage. But I am turning over a new leaf and actually taking the advice given to me so I made an appointment.

8:45am I showed up for my 9am 90 minute summer special massage.  I was asked to sign paperwork about places I didn’t want my masseuse touching…um…shouldn’t some areas be off limits automatically? What kind of place is this?…

I heard my name called and looked up. Standing in front of me was a very large man. And by large I mean this guy was at least 6’2″ and 250+ pounds with a small black curly pony tail. Meet Francisco.  Apparently he had the best hands of the place and came highly recommended. Needless to say as a 22 year old female I was a little timid but my excitement of ridding my back of some knots surpassed my hesitation.

He directed me to a room where I was asked to “prep” for the massage and left abruptly.  I contemplated what the policy on massage was these days? I’ve heard some people like to go full on naked. I didn’t choose that option.

I was told to start face down so I snuggled underneath the sheet and waited patiently.  I heard a soft knock and when he came in he sprayed some form of aromatherapy spray that was supposed to calm me. Great. I could probably drink that stuff and still not have been that calm. But he encouraged me to take a few deep breaths before he began and soon enough I started to feel my muscles loosen.

His hands were warm and his voice was soft and within moments I was completely at ease. Wow. His hands were a cross between an angel and Arnold Schwarzenegger.


10-15 minutes into the massage I think I told him I loved him. He laughed. Apparently he gets that a lot. I wondered why he became a masseuse and learned his daughter has a condition that is benefitted by massage. I said this was really his calling because I’ve never had a massage like this.  He questioned my amount of physical activity and stress and said I have one of the worst backs full of knots he’s seen in a while. Apparently I should do more things to de-stress and I agreed to get a massage once a month.  He did say he could tell I was a yoga teacher when he stretched my legs over my head. 🙂 A full 90 minutes completely receiving something is exactly what I need according to him.  Francisco. My amazing masseuse. I started to slip away into the melting sensation that comes with a massage. I woke up a few moments later to his laugh. In my daze I hired him to be my personal masseuse when I became famous one day.  Jeez what did they put in that aromatherapy spray?

Before I knew it 90 minutes had passed by and I was jello.  He left the room after telling me to slowly get up and get dressed.

Good thing he said slow because as I got up my head spun and my legs buckled. Now I know why people got massages. They made you feel 100% relaxed and at ease. Mhmm.

But on the inside I felt like this:


On the way out I wanted to hug him and thank him for seriously making me feel so much better. He told me to take care of my body, drink lots of water and schedule an appointment for a month later.

I bought a package: one massage a month for a year. Finally doing something for myself that would help me perform better in my daily activities.

Today was an important lesson for me: it’s great to give and give and give to the world in your work and with your friends and family but at some point you should slow down and dedicate time for yourself. If you don’t appreciate your body and nurture it, it will begin to deteriorate and give out on you. If you are someone who does a lot of physical activity or has a high stress lifestyle a massage a month is the minimum recommendation. Look for places in your area that offer some sort of package so you don’t need to break the bank in order to treat yourself. Start to make a commitment to yourself that you will honor your body as it serves you each day.

Have a great weekend!

Happy eating and exercising




But Really….I would totally accept this job 😉


Yoga Playlist…or Music for Studying

Like I mentioned in my last post I have been teaching Yoga for some time now. When I first started teaching I was coached in the art of playing a CD that sounds like drums, running water, chanting…and other strange noises. I actually had to teach to SigEp a  fraternity at JMU and managed to have the luck of sticking in one of the most awkward sensual sounding CDs of all time.

Okay before I continue, just FYI when you Google the word awkward in images…the most ridiculous things pop up…

(ADD moment) Back to my point…

It wasn’t until recently I decided to experiment with music. I create playlists for Spin and Zumba so why not yoga?…As an instructor unless you are teaching under the constraints of Les Mills or similar certifications–the power is in your hands. Obviously the goal is to make it the best experience possible for the participants so I decided I would start to create playlists for yoga and get feedback at the end. IT WAS INCREDIBLE.  So many students came up to me asking for the songs in the playlist…and loving the change and difference it made within the class.


So I have decided to write down my playlist for all to see. This is good music to relax to as well as do yoga on your own time if you’d like….or you can come to my class Tuesday’s at 11am 😉


1.) Question by the Old 97s

2.) On My Mind by Donavon Frankenreiter

3.) Are You Lonesome Tonight? By Elvis Presley

4.) The Fear You Won’t Fall by Joshua Radin

5.) I Won’t Give Up by Jason Mraz

6.) Stay with You by John Legend

7.) Can’t Help Falling in Love by Ingrid Michaelson (this might be one of my faves)

8.) In these Arms by The Swell Season

9.) Skinny Love by Birdy

10.) Keep Breathing by Ingrid Michaelson

11.) When You’re Smiling by Louis Armstrong

12.) Have a Little Faith in Me by Josh Hiatt

13.) Tears and Rain by James Blunt

14.) Beautiful Day by U2

15.) Sittin by the dock of the Bay by Otis Redding

16.) I’ll be Seeing You by Billie Holiday

17.) Your Song by Ellie Goulding

18.) I will follow you into the dark by Death Cab for Cutie

19.) Imagine by John Lennon



I am almost positive you can find all of these songs on itunes!  Hope you enjoy it!

Also, I hope after reading this you decide to step outside of the box as an instructor and not conform to what you have always taught. There is a need for constant progress in the fitness industry and I encourage you to be the catalyst sparking change!