Baked Salmon with Citrus and Sun Dried Tomatoes

"Mhmm Nutrients"

Grizzly bears aren’t the only ones who like salmon. This might be one of the best proteins you can possibly eat! When shopping for a salmon “steak” take notice of the signs in the seafood aisle.  Make sure it reads caught wild instead of farmed or with added dyes in order to limit the fat and chemicals in the fish. I always wash any fish or meat before I cook it with a little soap and warm water. Make sure you thoroughly clean (that means with bleach people) anything that the uncooked salmon touches!

You can cut the skin off now, keep it, or peel it off after it bakes in the over which is a little simpler.  Sprinkle salt and pepper (I like using crushed peppercorns and sea salt). Take a piece of aluminum foil and place the salmon into it. Add minced garlic, and drizzle a little olive oil (tsp). Here is where you can get creative, look at your spice rack and add what you think will taste good. I think Dill and Salmon make a great combo, but old bay, rosemary, thyme, parsley etc might taste great too! It’s all about experimenting and seeing what tastes best for you and your family. I drizzled some lemon juice and added two slices on top, covered up the salmon and baked at 375 degrees for about 35-45 minutes. If you really want some extra flavoring instead of using dry seasonings buy fresh stems of dill or rosemary and add them into the foil.

Before the Oven

I decided last minute that I wanted to use the extra smoked sun dried tomatoes I had in the fridge so for the last 10 minutes of the baking time I opened up the salmon really quickly (ouch, it’s hot!) and sprinkled some of them.  Closed it back up and kept it in the oven.

Sun Dried Tomatoes

When you notice the salmon is flaky when touched with a fork, this means it is done. Usually between 40-45 minutes of baking. I also cooked some vegetables and added that as a side dish. If I had wild rice that would have been a great addition! Serve with a glass of white wine or sparkling water and this my friends, becomes a wonderful meal! I recommend Kendall-Jackson Chardonnay because it is my favorite 🙂


Bon Appetit!