Shake Shake Shake, ya smoothie.

Hello Healthy people!!!


When the weather gets warmer–you know it is time to break out the blender for Margarit—I mean SMOOTHIES!

I created some tasty recipes that might satisfy that sweet tooth, while getting those nutrients!


GREEN BOOST aka the best for you:

1 cup kale

1 cup spinach

½ banana (peel and chop up to put in freezer)-Frozen fruit always works a little better

Protein Powder

Some milk so it blends well.

If you use frozen fruit you probably won’t need ice.


Mixed Berry:

Handful Frozen Strawberries

½ cup frozen blackberries

½ cup blueberries

Protein Powder, Milk or juice (juice is very sugary so I would recommend milk)



½ cup Pineapple

½ cup frozen mango

Squeeze a little wedge of lime in there

Ice if you want it to be more like a milkshake



“The Siesta Key”

Half cup peaches

1/4 cup raspberries

¼ cup blackberries

Protein powder

Ice if needed, milk if creamier desired.

*if you are interested in a sweeter flavor invest in some agave nectar! Add a few squirts of that and you should be good.




Great healthy things you can add:

1.)    Any leafy greens, I prefer fresh ones because you are exposed to more nutrients.

2.)    Peanut butter or almond butter (it sweetens it up); I prefer the natural PB that you have to keep in the fridge because it doesn’t have the added sugar.

3.)    Chia seeds or goji (healthy toppings)

4.)    Experiment! You will find what you love the most and can stick with that.

5.)    Invest in straws…if you don’t really like the flavor it makes drinking it go by way faster!

6.)    Coconut oil is soooo good for you and tastes great as well, add it to your favorite smoothie and gain all the benefits of that.



Happy Eating (sipppin’) and exercising,




Green Power Smoothie

There is a reason Popeye told you to eat your spinach to get strong, it is good for you! This is my favorite post-workout smoothie. So easy to make and surprisingly tastes so good! The following are ingredients, but feel free to substitute with your own ideas.

2 handfuls of baby spinach (on the bottom of the blender)

1/2cup of unsweetened vanilla almond milk

1 scoop of protein powder (try for a low carb one that isn’t infused with a lot of sugar, I like designer whey french vanilla)–As a Vegan you can do a soy protein!!!

Ice Cubes (not too many, I like to add around 6)

frozen banana (1/2 to a full)

Blend and drink so yummy!


Use Kale with spinach (it’s a little more bitter than spinach), add Flax seeds, oatmeal, mix with peaches and strawberries, use soy milk, add greek yogurt etc! Enjoy 🙂