Give Stir-Fry a Try!

Spicy Peanut Butter Stir Fry with Tofu

This is my favorite go to recipe I make and can eat for the next couple days. I really like to use Tofu because it soaks up all the flavors and is good for you… but you can substitute meat if you are a carnivore (I just prefer the plants and the fish).

mhmm nutrients

What you’ll need:

1.) Natural Peanut Butter

2.) Veggies

3.) Choice of protein I like Cubed firm tofu

4.) Minced garlic

5.) Siracha or spicy thai paste

6.) Spices: Ginger, crushed red pepper, garlic

7.) Low sodium Soy Sauce

8.) Szechwan Sauce (not necessary)

I begin my taking a large frying pan and heating it at medium to high drizzling a little (seriously…just a little) wok oil, and add some minced garlic. I add a big spoonful of natural peanut butter and allow that to melt taking the heat down to medium.

I have already prepared the broccoli, snow pea pods, peppers, and onions but feel free to choose whichever you’d prefer. I add them to the pan. Then I drizzle soy sauce, and spicy thai sauce (careful here…add more to increase the heat index ow oww), if you’d like to add a little Szechwan go ahead and do so but relatively small amount because it isn’t too healthy, yet spicy and flavorful.

I sprinkle ginger and garlic. Cover with a lid. About 2 minutes later after draining the tofu I add it and lower the heat just a little bit and stir all the veggies in the sauce (and veggies) you have created. About 5 minutes into cooking I put the heat on low and allow it to simmer for about 5 additional minutes (remember to cover the pan so veggies can steam). Remove and set on a burner that is off and allow the sauce to thicken a little bit before serving. Serve plain or with wild brown rice. SO GOOD.


My Stir Fry!