Power Yoga Music Playlist and Asanas

Namaste healthy people!

In my power yoga class I incorporated some new music and new asanas that I wanted to share with you!

Three-Legged Dog

One of the poses I’m working on mastering in my own practice is an advanced variation to the three legged dog:

Power yoga is the “cardio” version of yoga and is for the intermediate yogi.  This class incorporates a few intermediate asanas (poses) and a lot of sun salutations.  The sun salutations work to keep your heart rate lifted throughout the class. Note: Scroll down to bottom of post if looking for the music playlist!!!

My Class:

Begin in Child’s Pose (Balasana)

Pranayama, introduce Ujjayi Breath, equalizer breath

Seated spinal twist


Down Dog to Plank, match breath

Three legged dog–> add twist–> advanced, come into roll over dog (inversion)

Repeat other side

Top half of sun salutation (Standing mountain, inhaling arms up slight back bend, swan diving down, fwd fold, inhaling to monkey, exhaling fwd fold, inhaling reverse swan dive slight back bend, end chair–add balance by chair on balls of feet arms extended high) –repeat

Bottom Half, Modified Half Series to begin: Modified plank, Crocodile down into Chataranga, inhaling low cobra, exhaling childs pose

Full series: full plank, exhaling crocodile down into chartaranga, inhaling as you flip toes around push up into up dog, exhaling down dog

Connect top and bottom a few more times.

Mountain two

Warrior 1 right side, warrior 2–> cart wheel hands down into 3 bottom half sun salutations

Warrior 1 right side, warrior 2, victorious warrior –> cart wheel down same thing

Warrior 2 right side, victorious warrior, triangle, revolved triangle which looks like :

Before moving to left warriors, complete sunflowers to build heat back into the legs.

Repeat this on the left side.


Begin in tree on either side, hold for a number of breaths and then without touching the ground transition into dancer! (repeat both sides)

Mountain Three:

Full Plank

Pigeon Pose R and L sides

Thread the needle through the loop (childs pose, send R arm through opening left arm to ground, repeat other side shoulder stretch)

Frog Pose


Staff Pose

Spinal Twist

Dead Bug

Happy Baby

Lying spinal twist

Savasana: Final Relaxation


You can look up the names of these poses on google if you have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about. This was more-so for an instructor point of view to see how I form my class, which I never prepare for anymore–I like to feel out the participants and if they are new or returnees and go from there.  If they are new I take more time to educate them on the pose, what muscles they should feel working or areas of the body that should be stretching at that point.  Experienced yogis it’s fun to take it up a notch and add some inversions, binds and twists. Remember hands on corrections are CRUCIAL!


THE PLAYLIST!!!!!!!! (Probably what you really cared about in this post…)

Sigh No More by Mumford & Sons

Eyes by Rogue Wave Eyes

Come Away to the Water (feat. Rozzi Crane) by Maroon 5 (The Hunger Games Soundtrack–is amazing!)

Dead Hearts by Stars

Drive by Incubus

Angel by Jack Johnson

Sideways by Citizen Cope

Girlfriend by Phoenix

To Build a Home (Edit) by The Cinematic Orchestra

Take Another Little Piece of me by Janis Joplin

The General by Dispatch

Tears In Heaven by Eric Clapton

Hope for the Hopeless by A Fine Frenzy

Making Memories Of Us by Keith Urban

Lullabye (Goodnight, My Angel) by Billy Joel

The Chain by Ingrid Michaelson

 The Fear You Won’t Fall by Joshua Radin




I hope everyone has a wonderful day today! You are keeping up with the fitness challenge of at least 30 min working out each day!

Happy eating and exercising!